The Pilgrimage

Warm sunshine falls gently to the ground

Rays warming the skin as It begins to brown

Sand and salt make the ground glisten

Waves send a message to those that listen.

Crashing waves cover the thoughts of the day

The slight  undertow causes me to gently sway.

Unburdened from the daily world’s weight

A moment to myself a moment of quiet.

A smile spreads across recently clinched  lips

Memories flood of forgotten childhood trips.

Sinking into the sand, as if in a world all alone

peace, serenity, a sigh  ah at last I am home.

Pulled to the present I feel a slight touch

I focus on the child that I love so much.

His newfound joy of this wonderful view

Impatient to try, taste and see everything new.

They seems so simple the lessons of childhood

Like the wonder and buoyancy of driftwood.

I watch him explore all the textures of the land

Shells are gathered, examined and placed in the sand.

The waves gently push and not so gentle pull

The sounds of the ocean trapped in this shell.

The memories are being formed and stored

Soon forgotten or perhaps just ignored.

The memories of this day will one day appear

Amazingly fresh and surprisingly clear.

Then suddenly there is this mysterious need

To find a special place to escape with great speed.

The need to escape returns every generation

This pilgrimage known as “the Family Vacation”.

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