Book Review: Dark Secret

Dark SecretDark Secret by Michelle Escamilla
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I was provided this ARC book by the author. I stayed up late reading this book because I couldn’t sleep until I finished it. It was great. I loved Emma and her funny ways. Her relationship with Kyle is such a great friendship, they cracked me up with their antics.

When Micah first entered her life I could feel the sexual tension starting to build and it was great. Her dreams of Micah were so sexy and hot. She wanted to meet him again.

I wanted them to get together and find that extreme heat. There was something dark about Micah. He talked of the darkness and wanted Emma to embrace that darkness. That made me question him a bit. I wanted them to have it all and I still do.

But there was a concern he showed for her that seemed very tender.

The book had emotional highs and lows and Michelle really knows how to bring those emotions to life. The characters are amazingly real. You can feel the love between Kyle and Emma. They are perfect room mates and friends. They don’t pull any punches with each other.

The secrets that have been kept from Emma are terrible and easy to see why she would start having trust issues.

If you like well written characters and a rich plot then you will like this as much as I did. I can not wait for the next book. I hope it comes out soon as I have been left wanting to know what happens next.

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