Book Review: North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell

North and SouthNorth and South by Elizabeth Gaskell
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I loved this book. I found it a hard read because it is written as a narrative and as such it had so many details. I loved all the details. The dialect of the Higgin’s family was so alive with personality. I found it hard to read, but made the book even more perfect.

Mr. John Thornton in the book was just so emotional and seeing his heart open on the pages made me love him all the more. He was a good man and had such a way about him that sometimes came across as hard, but we could see his heart.

Margaret Hale was such a great character. She endured all the changes and battled her way through her own emotions and her own heart. I was afraid she was going to lose her chances as she tossed them about almost care-freely. She was young and out of her element so perhaps she had some excuses.

This book had so much emotion and heart, I was fairly shaking at the end. I had just recently found the BBC Mini series and had fallen in love with the characters and reading made me understand and love them even more.

I learned so much from this book about many different subjects, I learned about unions and how each side sees issues like strikes. I learned how strict the times were on a young woman and how easily it was to slip. I got so much out of this book. It is now a favorite of mine.

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Book Review: A Secret Parcel

A Secret ParcelA Secret Parcel by Serenity Woods
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This was the final book in the Three Kings series. It is hard to choose a favorite brother. These guys are so sweet gentle loving and kind. Oh yeah, they are super polite too. In this final book you get to see some loose ends tied up about Brock and Charlie. Matt King is an amazing guy. He has been watching the manager, Georgia, since her hiring almost a year earlier. He has actively asked her out weekly since meeting her. She just as regularly has turned him down. It is almost like a running joke with them.

Matt is an artist and writes children’s books about characters he created. These characters are important in the other two brother’s careers as well. He has never been known to have serious relationships with women before so Georgia is a little leery of him.

Matt has a very sweet proposition for Georgia and convinces her to think about the idea. He knows little of her history and certainly has questions as to why she is a single parent to eleven year old Noah.

Georgia is reluctant to talk to anyone about her marriage and Matt is no exception. Noah sheds a little light on the subject during a conversation with Matt, but gives no details.

This book was a pleasure to read. It feels like I know the King brothers so well and I like them all. I was happy to be able to read this book and love Serenity Wood’s writing style. She is able to bring the personality to light in a way that is interesting and enjoyable. All three brothers have a great personality.
I loved reading about Christmas in New Zealand.

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Book Review: All She Wants For Christmas by Sara V. Olds

All She Wants for ChristmasAll She Wants for Christmas by Sara V. Olds
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I can tell you that I am so glad that I found this Christmas book yesterday. It is the best Christmas book I have read in a long time. I would give it 10 stars if I could. The premise is so original and wonderful.

There are the main characters Ben Harod and George Claus. George is Santa’s daughter and she is disillusioned with Christmas so she has moved away form the North Pole and is busy teaching second graders at a local school. Ben Harod has an enormous amount of Christmas spirit and that doesn’t sit well with his family. He has a hidden sadness that breaks my heart. He is such a good man.

These two discover each other and begin a fast paced Christmas filled quest. They are going to make something utterly wrong right again, if they can. It is going to take all the Christmas magic and ingenuity they can muster.

Sara V. Olds brings these two characters to life with all the passion and beauty that the season offers. It makes me happy to read this book with all the special characters and traditions included. This book was just a joy to read, even in the dangerous and twisted parts. It makes me believe.

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Book Review: Jane Austin Girl

Jane Austen Girl (A Timbell Creek #1)Jane Austen Girl by Inglath Cooper
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I loved this book. The main character Grier has a successful business in New York as a person that helps people with their images and their style. She is given a wonderful opportunity to be part of a contest that will provide a Duke with a date from her hometown. Grier never expected to go back to her hometown. It was part of her past that she had no desire to revisit.

When she goes to her hometown she discovers that people and times have moved on. Things have changed and people have changed. Grier fights to hold on to the anger and pain of the past even though she sees things have changed with her mother especially.

This book makes you think about the relationships that are in the past and how willing you are to realize time makes a difference.

The characters are very personable and you really get to know them. Ms. Cooper brings this small town to life with rich characters and deep emotion. It is a great read. I struggled along with Grier as she made good and bad decisions, even when she had to face the results of those decisions.

There was romance that was sweet and Bobby Jack was such a good guy. He was thoughtful and considerate and a true hero. I rooted for them to find a way to be together. There were sad parts of the book that actually made me cry. I wanted Grier to find happiness and peace with her past. I wanted her to be happy.

The book is worth the read. It is very well written and I am so glad that I read it.

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Book Review: Fallout By Lars Emmerich


This story unfolds in layers and you are with them as each comes to life. The action is very intense and the main character, Sam Jameson is fantastic. She knows what she is doing no matter how stacked the odds are against her. Sam seems to be able to take as good as she gives. Sam is dealing with the Department of Homeland security, the NSA and possibly the FBI and CIA. There is something going on that just doesn’t feel right to her. The story takes her all over Europe and back home to the USA.

I was on the edge of my seat during some of these confrontations. The story is gripping and makes you look to the sky and listen.

Each character kept me involved and I actually worried for them as they went along. I was interested in the character Nero and how his future would play out. He is caught up in something he never anticipated and just wants to get back to his family. Dan, Sam’s deputy, Sam and Brock were easy to like and root for. Brock just wants Sam to get through all this danger safely. She has been known to get dead before. He did not want to see that repeated.

Lars Emmerich knows how to draw the reader in and keep them involved. Sam does what she has to do, but she has a heart and that shines through. I really enjoyed this book, it had everything.

Keep them coming, we need more suspenseful books like this one.

Review for Wicked Spell

Wicked Spell (Dark Spell, #2)Wicked Spell by Michelle Escamilla
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I was so excited to get a copy of Wicked Spell, the sequel to Dark Secret. I was not disappointed at all. I adore Emma and was so glad to have Micah make an appearance in the book. There are several new characters in this book that had great personalities as well.

Kyle has a new girl in his life and she and Emma get to have some fun girl outings.

Michelle really makes you feel the emotions Emma struggles within the story. The darkness of the first book is still evident in the second and you get to see Emma as she learns how to use her power.

This was a great read. It has a lot of energy that kept me reading well into the night. Another great book. I can’t wait to see what she has to offer next.

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Review for Coming Unclued

Coming UncluedComing Unclued by Judith Jackson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book had me laughing all the way through. The middle aged lady Valerie was so off the wall funny. Even when she was hiding from the police because they believed she had stabbed her boss, she was hilarious.

Her friends Julie and Rose added to the comedy. There were scenes that had me laughing out loud while reading. I even read a few scenes out loud to my daughter to explain why I was cackling.

There is a murder and Val is accused of the crime. She found herself in a locked apartment with the dead body after attending the office Christmas party and getting plastered. She has no memory of the evening after a few drinks. There is no one to give her an alibi so she and her friends are forced to look for the killer themselves.

There are disguises that you would not believe given to her so that she can escape the notice of the police. If you want a funny read that has some pretty decent mystery solving involved, then this book is for you.

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