Book Review: Dangerous Secrets by Julia Regan

Romance: Dangerous Secrets (Victorian Intrigue 19th England Romance) (Historical Mystery Detective Romance)Romance: Dangerous Secrets (Victorian Intrigue 19th England Romance) by Julia Regan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Inspector Logan Tummond of Scotland Yard has become aware of a serial killer in the area. He seeks out Ruby Waterbrook whom he consults with on various occasions. He enjoys her company as more than a consultant, but she has made it clear she is not interested in a relationship in her life. She is quite the intellectual and continues to intrigue him, but he keeps his feelings to himself with her.

Dangerous Secrets by Julia Regan was a gripping story that touched so many emotions. The crimes were told in such a way that I felt a part of the story. There was so many clues that I was able to stay right with Logan and Ruby. They worked together so well that the unfolding of the story was enthralling. It kept my interest and kept me on the edge of my seat.

I enjoyed the interaction between Ruby and Logan most of all. They were forced to work together through their mutual respect, but there was always a little something more. There are lough out loud moments in this book that made you question what you knew up until that point. It is moments like that in this book that kept it from being too much. It is every much a love story as it is a mystery. It is a really good book. It had all the perfect elements in all the right places.

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