On the Run (Big Mike and Minnie) by Susan Amanda Kelly

On the Run (Big Mike and Minnie #1)On the Run by Susan Amanda Kelly
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I just loved Big Mike and Minnie. Minerva was raised by a family that headed a biker gang in California. Minnie lived in New York. She was in her way to being a super model. Her family wanted her back in Cali and were not taking no for answer. So what does a promising super model do? She runs for NYC any way she can.

Trouble soon catches up to her at the airport. That is when she meets Big Mike. Trouble continues to follow her so she and Michael have some crazy tricky maneuvers to escape them. It is funny exciting and as sexy as all get out.

Minnie does not want to be bossed around. How can Mike get her to do what is best for her? It is a balancing act that becomes even more difficult when rival gangs get in an uproar.

There are some over the top hilariously funny scenes. They make the book even better. There is the elevator scene that was just priceless. Minnie is trying to salvage her potential supermodel career and stay safe at the same time. Big Mike doesn’t realize just what a quick thinker Minnie is. He will come to find out she is a force to be reckoned with.

Susan Amanda Kelly has written one great book. The characters are so alive and real and the adventures are all within the realm of possibility. This book is totally worth picking up and reading. Now I want the second book. There are no cliff hangers but I did not want the story to end.

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6 thoughts on “On the Run (Big Mike and Minnie) by Susan Amanda Kelly

  1. I can’t believe how much you read and review…it truly is very very aspiring! I usually stick to one genre of writing and it usually is the same author but I definitely need to broaden my reading horizons…it will probably help broaden my horizons generally!!!


    1. I do tend to always have a book in hand, on my Kindle and on my computer. It is a little obsessive. I do love reading different types of genre. It breaks up the repetitiveness of similar books. If I can get my hands on a series, then I will try to read them all one after the other. I hope you will grab a book or two off my list and enjoy them. Are you on Goodreads?

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      1. Absolutely! I studied World War Two for my Masters Thesis and saw that you had reviewed a few books so I will give them a look in 🙂 i am currently reading a local history book but will broaden my reading once this has been put to bed (i am definitely not as prolific a reader as you)!! Im not on Goodreads…yet!! Ill look into this if it helps reading on an ipad?


      2. There are so many books available that I have on my Kindle cloud about World War Two. It is such an interesting topic. So many areas that it is impossible to learn it all. That is awesome that you did your Thesis on that subject! Good reads is an excellent tool to find out what books are available on any given subject. It also introduces you to sub genre that you may never have tried before. You get people’s rating on the book and can follow the author to see what else they have out. You have such great songs, I have been listening to them again. Just enjoying them. Yes Goodreads has an app so you can use it on an ipad.


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