Wreck Of The Whale Ship Essex by Chase Owen

Wreck of the Whale Ship EssexWreck of the Whale Ship Essex by Owen Chase
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Wreck of the Whale Ship Essex is the story of the real life ship that inspired the fictional story of Moby Dick.

This book tells the horror these survivors faced while on the ship and while at sea. The telling is chilling. This whaler, Chase Owen, used his own journals to assure his facts were accurate. He gives a day by day accounting of their struggle. He begins his story explaining how he was hired by the captain of the Essex for a period of three years.

The Essex was a whaling ship and has about twenty whalers on board. While harpooning one whale and focusing on that whale, one whale attacked while they were occupied with that other whale. the ship was torn apart and began to sink.

The surviving men loaded into the smaller boats and they stayed afloat for over a month. Over twenty men left the ship with few provisions and leaky boats. Many of the men were lost. They landed on an uninhabited island and faced starvation there and all but three men were forced to leave the safety of the island and head back to sea. Another long period of floating in order to reach Easter Island over eight hundred miles away.

There are other stories included that tell of whale attacks and there is some interesting facts about whale production. It is a very interesting read. Loved the history of it all.

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