Book Review: The American Earl by Joan Wolf

The American EarlThe American Earl by Joan Wolf
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book had a unique perspective. an american has inherited the Earldom from his uncle. He has never been to England before and he is an American through and through. He is a patriot from Boston.

When Evan arrives at Stoverton he is met by Julia Marshall his cousin and she is not happy about his arrival. She is a headstrong opinionated and very self sufficient young lady. She has no use for Americans.

The family decides to go to London for the season and both Evan and Julia are not that excited about the dancing and husband hunting. There are many cute scenes that show just how daring Lady Julia is. Evan is such a good guy. He truly wants to make things better for Julia and her sister Maria. Lizzy is a great character too, her own husband hunt livens up the book a lot. Her mother, Lady Barbara is another matter entirely. Just a great group of characters.

Events occur that throw everyone into a tizzy. It is very interesting to see the London season from an American male’s point of view. I enjoyed reading this book. I will be reading more by Joan Wolf.

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