Book Review: Bride of the Mist by Christina Skye

Bride of the Mist (Draycott Abbey Romance)Bride of the Mist by Christina Skye
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I just finished reading Bride of the Mist and Wow, I loved it.
I was caught up in the drama from the first chapter. There was danger, mystery, ghosts, dreams of past lives and castles. Everything that is needed to make one outstanding romantic suspense book. It was exactly that. One outstanding read.

I was already reading this when I noticed that it was first published in 1995. There was no old school feel to this book.

Kara Fitzgerald has creative ideas for her bridal magazine and they include a castle in Scotland. She has an uncooperative castle owner to deal with, she also has had some visions about the safety of the man and his secrets.

Kara can’t control the visions and feelings that she receives and all she wants to do is try to warn a man she has never met.

Duncan MacKinnon dislikes the press and once he hears she is with a magazine, he has no use for her or her warnings. This provides a great adversarial relationship which is also quite sexually charged. They are quite drawn to each other.

The way that Christina Skye writes about this mutual desire is extremely hot. Kara had been hurt in the past by a man that had defeated her self esteem so it was refreshing for Duncan to undo the damage that had been done to her.

This really is a book worth picking up. Although this is book 3 in a series about Draycott Abbey it certainly can be read as a standalone. The Abbey is said to be haunted and after reading this book, I would agree. Each book in the series deals with the Abbey’s history and does not seem to involve recurring characters.

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