Book Review: Once Upon A Rogue by Julia Regan

Victorian Romance: Once Upon a Rogue (Historical Rake 19th Century Love Romance) (Lady Duke Wealth Historical Romance)Victorian Romance: Once Upon a Rogue (Historical Rake 19th Century Love Romance) by Julia Regan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Although the main story is only 170 pages long it packs so much into those pages that it is a must read. Emmeline and her twin brother William had always been close as twins will be, they shared secrets and a need for adventure. She also had an older brother Pheneas and it was this older brother that she had caught in a very compromising act. Witnessing that encounter had opened the doors of curiosity for Emmeline that she just could not put aside. There was that need for more in her that caused quite an uproar when she could try to garner more information about love and intimate encounters.

William and Emmeline arrange for her to gain more knowledge by visiting a brothel and once she had visited she desired to know more. She began a secret life that brought David into the picture. She wanted more from him than she had any other yet she was bound by convention to abide by her mother’s dictates that she be married.
This is a great story that I really enjoyed so much. I really liked Emmeline and David, I wanted them to find happiness even when it kept eluding them. That whole family was great. I loved that Julia Regan allowed you to see all the characters development as they grew older.
As a bonus there are other stories included. Very enjoyable stories.

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