Exciting Goal Reached For The Page Turner

followed-blog-100-2x I woke up this morning to wonderful news.  My little blog that I created to inspire me to write has 100 followers.

I am so touched by those that follow my blog. I hope that you like the diversity of it all. I feel like I have been given 5 stars.  You know how I love a 5 star review!

This post is mainly to say thank you and that I am so excited. My blog has allowed me to share books with people that love reading as much as I do. It has also allowed me to feel creative and mentally stimulated.

At this point all I can say is  “Drinks are on the house!  CHEERS!”

Now on to the next goal!  If you are not following The Page Turner, there is no better time than now! Onward and Upward.

Sadly I am all out of clichés.  Thanks again come back soon. If you have any book suggestions for review, let me know.


20 thoughts on “Exciting Goal Reached For The Page Turner

  1. Congratulations! I’m a fairly new blogger (I write book reviews too) – I’ve been going since February this year, and it’s difficult to keep going when you have few followers and a limited “reach”. My target is to get 10 followers 🙂

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