AudioBook Review: The Willow Lake Group by Kelly Proudfoot

The Willow Lake GroupThe Willow Lake Group by Kelly Proudfoot

AudioBook review

Overall *****

Performance *****

Story *****

I had finished reading the book and then about a week later I was able to listen to the Willow Lake Group from Audible. I realized that it might bring the story to a new level. I already had pictures of the characters in my head, now I would have voices to go with them. The story was filled with love, friendship, obsession, and secrets. When the narrator took on the voices with such skill it was amazing. It did indeed bring it to a new level. It was wonderful to hear.

Kelly Proudfoot has written a beautiful story about a group of people that meet to read poetry and each person in the group was as different as they could be. When Gavin and Liam came into town, having only met on the train into town, they ended up at the same poetry group. They both met the people in the group at that time and both were attracted to Sondra.

This story was told from Gavin’s perspective and I have to admit, I loved knowing what was going through the man’s head. It was a very nice change to know how he was feeling and viewing the situation. I felt that especially in the love department it gave a totally different feel than the usual romance themes in books.

With poetry and drama in each meeting there were humorous situations. There was also heart. So much heart and affection between the members of the group. The book allowed me to touch that affection, but listening to the different personalities being portrayed in the narration, It just bloomed.

The members of the group were all ages. It was interesting to see how the older members parented the younger. There was also the beautiful relationship that Sondra and Gavin. Lightening fast and deeper than either of them would have believed. It was really a lovely relationship. You also got to know each character in the group. You found out their secrets and their fears. Kelly brought them to life in her writing and the narrator, Tim Campbell gave them that special distinction that comes from hearing a person’s inflection.

This is a book you should read or even better, listen to. It is such a beautiful well told story.

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