Book Review: The Last Victim by Karen Robards

The Last Victim (Dr. Charlotte Stone, #1)The Last Victim by Karen Robards
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is the start of the series and what an amazing series it is. This is the first book of the series and was published in 2012.

Dr. Charlotte Stone is an expert on Serial Killers. She had escaped death from the serial killer called the Boardwalk Killer when she was a just teenager. She has been obsessed with figuring out what causes them to become serial killers ever sense. She had become a criminal pathology expert. She had been interviewing serial killers at prisons.

Charlie is working with Michael Garland, a convicted serial killer, on the day he is murdered. Just at that moment of death his spirit attaches its self to her.

Charlie tries not to get emotionally involved with the ghost, but he is a very attractive ghost, a sexy ghost. He teases her and tempts her and Charlie finds herself just too fascinated by him.

I loved this book. I loved Michael and I kept reading the follow up books not only for the suspense and Charlie’s work with Tony Bartoli from the FBI. Tony is also a handsome man, but Charlie is more interested in Michael.

I also wanted to know more about Michael,always wanting him to be innocent and come back to life.The blend of the paranormal and serial killers was a great blend. I love Karen Robard’s books. The books are fascinating.

The Last Victim by Karen Robards is available on Kindle and in Paperback on Amazon.
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Book Review: Jessica Lost Her Wobble by J. Schlenker

Jessica Lost Her WobbleJessica Lost Her Wobble by J. Schlenker
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book, Jessica Lost Her Wobble is one of those books where you just want to know more and more about the main character. The book doesn’t disappoint. A full life of memories, regrets, pains and love all wrapped up into one amazing book.

Jessica is middle aged when she moves to the island. The same island that she had taken her children, Josh and Gina to for vacations and retreats when they were small. She has seen a lot in her life and she has survived with a subtle sense of humor that makes me smile. Perhaps it is her British sense of humor that is too dry, but when she finds someone that appreciates it she is so happy.

When she moves to the island to live a life of solitude and quiet, she surprises herself by making friends with a young woman, Amy. Amy also lives on the island year round with her grandmother.

It is an unexpected friendship but what it brings to Jessica is a non-judgmental person that listens well and is interested in hearing her story. Meeting and becoming friends with Amy allows Jessica to address her life face to face. Something she has attempted to avoid in the past.

There are so many depths to this book. I can’t say enough about its ability to draw the reader in and make them feel as if it is just as important that we hear this story as it is for Jessica to finally tell it.

I can’t even talk about the twists and turns that make this book so incredible. The twists are so forceful that you are caught unaware. That is an amazing aspect to this book.

J. Schlenker did a wonderful job in the pace of this story. You followed Jessica through all the ups and downs and you understood her. Until you can’t understand what has just happened. I can honestly say this book has everything that a book needs to endear itself to you and make it unforgettable. I can say, I will never forget Jessica or her story.

There is so much in this book to love. I am so thankful to J. for allowing me to read it. I totally got lost in the island life and Jessica’s life. It is beautifully written. Exceptional book. I would give it 10 stars if they were available.

Jessica Lost Her Wobble is available in Paperback and on KindleUnlimited at Amazon

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Book Review: Veils and Vengeance by Rachelle J. Christensen

Veils and Vengeance (Wedding Planner Mysteries, #2)Veils and Vengeance by Rachelle J. Christensen

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is the second book in the Wedding Planner series. This book could be read as a stand alone. The history of Adri Pyper is told in bits through the book so that you are able to understand who she is and why she behaves the way she does. But it is more fun to follow the series if possible.

The writing of the book is really well done. The mystery starts in the first chapter and I honestly did not know who the villain was until it was about to be revealed.

Adri is in Hawaii to prepare and execute a destination wedding for Luke’s cousin. Luke is the divorce Lawyer that was also in the first book, Diamond Rings Are Deadly Things.

While she is in Hawaii on her first day, trouble begins and a mystery is afoot. Adri is in danger throughout the entire book and it is unclear who is causing the problems for her. There are several candidates in the running for the worst villain.

When Luke arrives he is still taking one step forward towards Adri then a huge step back. There is several interesting opportunities for Adri and she is in mental battle with herself.
Rachelle J. Christensen has done a wonderful job of keeping the suspense alive while maintaining a cozy and clean story going. It is a refreshing change to see the sweetness of the sleuth in a good mystery.

Adri is not your typical gritty rough and tumble sleuth. She is cute. She is not a former detective with an angry heart. She is just a girl that has had so much happen in one year that she is skittish.

I do get frustrated with her flightiness with me, but she is young and she has been told to keep her options open.
I know who I am always pulling for her to commit to, but does she?

All of the side characters are well written, you get to know them and understand them. It is a great series. Now I am ready to read Proposals and Poison.

This book is available in Paperback and in KindleUnlimited on Amazon.

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Book Review: Swept Away by Susan Kiernan Lewis

The Heidelberg Effect (Tempus Fugitives Trilogy, #1)The Heidelberg Effect by Susan Kiernan-Lewis
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Ella and Rowan meet just as Ella is about to move to Germany. They are in Atlanta and they only have a short amount of time before her flight. They seem to have a connection when they meet and it is nice to see them work at how they will continue even after she leaves. They make plans on calls and Skype sessions to hold them over.

I liked Rowan and I liked Ella. I did not like the changes that came over Ella when she went to Germany. She feels something pretty strongly for Rowan, but doesn’t always take his calls. That I found confusing.

This is a time travel book and it was done well. It made me feel like I went back with her. I felt like I was seeing this convent and castle which made me like the book even better.

When she moves to Germany she discovers her mother’s secret and it effects her very deeply. While she was in such an emotional state she stumbles into the year 1620. There she meets a cast of characters that she feels compelled to help. They are a group of nuns that are being targeted by the leaders of the city.

Axle and his father feel no compunction in how they treat the villagers including this convent full of nuns. Ella steps in to assist the nuns. She has a few items at her disposal and she doesn’t hesitate to use them.

Back in the 21st century, Rowan has come to Germany to see what has happened to Ella. Since she disappeared three weeks before he has no real leads to her whereabouts. After he has reached a dead end he stumbles into a small street and suddenly he is stepping into a garden where he finds Ella. He doesn’t know it is now 1620.

Ella and Rowan work together to try to help the nuns. They do have some clever ideas and work very hard for an end to the mistreatment that Axle and his father commit.

The book is very interesting and it is really engaging. The characters have a few flaws, as do we all. If you like time travel books, I believe this is a good one. This is a series of books, but this does not leave you hanging. There is a conclusion to this book and the next one picks up a few months later.

The title of the books changed after publication so The Heidelburg Effect became Swept Away.
This book is available as a Kindle book on Amazon

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Blog Tour for Sunset Rivalry by Shannyn Leah

sunset rivalry

Title: Sunset Rivalry
Author: Shannyn Leah
Series: By The Lake – The Caliendo Resort Book #2
Genre: Contemporary/New Adult Romance

Release Date: April 19th, 2016

Sunset Rivalry

Anya Caliendo left her family and their resort two years ago. She was ashamed and afraid that her family would blame her for some of their father’s ruthless dealings. Now she returns to the resort in secret to find files to clear her name, but she doesn’t plan on running into her one-time lover, Quinn.

Quinn used to work for Anya’s father too and he’s out to do the same as Anya – clear his name. When he runs into Anya, they strike a deal to help one another. Quinn wonders how he can trust a Caliendo to keep her word. Will she turn out to be just like her father?

Amid the secret meetings and late-night file searches, Anya and Quinn also fight a connection that seems to draw them closer and closer. Will they be able to clear their names and rekindle a romance or will their past destroy the future they so desperately seek?

“…just when you think you have figured it all out, there’s another surprise thrown in. I was left guessing until the very end, which contained a twist I never saw coming.” ~ Rochelle’s Reviews

Buy Now:

Shannyn Leah

Shannyn Leah lives in London Ontario, Canada. She comes from an entrepreneurial family, who all have a passion for developing new and exciting business ideas. When she’s not writing contemporary romance books, into the early hours of the morning, she’s antiquing with her two favorite people, her momma and her sister.

Shannyn has published five books in her series, By the Lake, including, Lakeshore Secrets, Lakeshore Legend, Lakeshore Love, Lakeshore Candy, and Lakeshore Lyrics. She is excited to be currently working on the Caliendo Resort, a new series for 2015/2016.

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Book Review: Diamond Rings Are Deadly Things by Rachelle J. Christensen

Diamond Rings Are Deadly Things (Wedding Planner Mysteries, #1)Diamond Rings Are Deadly Things by Rachelle J. Christensen
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Adri paper has opened a wedding planning business. After moving to a different town, more of a vacation tourist spot than the farm she grew up on, she has been given assistance by her fellow business owners in town. One such owner is the local jeweler, he has helped her secure original gowns from China at a discounted rate.

As she is juggling the planning od two high profile, very expensive weddings, her shop of broken into and that brings out the sleuth in Adri.

There is the local realtor that is persistently trying to date her. Her sights are set on a hottie that she keeps passing in the running trail. I know which one I am pulling for. First impressions are not always the best gauge of a person.

The story was interesting. The thefts and other mysteries are confusing. Not so confusing that you can’t follow them, but the events that are happening do not always seem to be connected. As with a good mystery, it needs a dedicated sleuth. With the police looking into the theft and Adri trying to not have more dresses taken by the police she puts herself in jeopardy. She is a smart girl, but really Adri?

While Adri keeps making bad decisions that are placing her in danger, her emotions and feelings are being tested to the limit. Her friend and co-worker is always supportive and understanding. Makes me want her to have her own story too.

This is my first book in this series I enjoyed getting to know the characters. I am glad that there is a series do that I can follow them again. It is s cute book and very well written.

This book is available in Paperback, Kindle and CD format at Amazon. Also available through the Kindleunlimited program.

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Book Review: Scandal by Amanda Quick

ScandalScandal by Amanda Quick
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

As much as I love Amanda Quick, I never reviewed this book after reading it. It was a very good story. With the new book out by Amanda Quick, I am remembering all the great books I have read by her so far. In case you have not read her historical suspense books you can learn more about them and maybe find one or two you can’t resist. They are fabulous.

I really pulled for the main characters and enjoyed the interaction with the pirates. Emily Faringdon corresponds with Simon Traherne, The Earl of Blade while he was and she becomes really enamored with him. She believes that they are meant to be together, that it was metaphysical connection. He has archaeological aspirations and she does as well. This is not really encouraged at this point in time, so she just appreciated him as a pen pal.

At times Emily was endearing and other times aggravating, but I loved her all the same. She knew what she felt and she pursued it.There was an incident in her past that forbade her to marry.

That Blade was not very nice to her is an understatement. He was cold and very rude and hurtful with his words. There was a hidden side to him that he feared being discovered. He was likable and even lovable, but he was too protective of his secret.

She might be a little naive but she was bright. Sometimes I wanted her to just plow into the Earl of Blade. He deserved it. I loved this book. I found it sweet and charming.

I felt the hope from Emily and I watched closely for Blade to crumble. The others in the story made it even more well rounded. I mean who doesn’t like a few ex-pirates? They made it bearable while she was unsure. This story also shows the strictness of the times. Scandal was just another win in my opinion for Amanda Quick.

This book is available in Hardback, Paperback and on Kindle at The AudioBook is also available from Audible at a discounted price as a companion piece. or freestanding at

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AudioBook Review: Leopold & Loeb Killed Bobby Franks by Bruce Caplan and Ken Rossignol

Leopold & Loeb Killed Bobby FranksLeopold & Loeb Killed Bobby Franks by Bruce M. Caplan

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Overall *****



It was 1924 in Cook County Illinois. Two young men, Richard Loeb and Nathan Leopold grew up together. They seemed to feed off each other. Both young men were highly intelligent and both very dangerous. They both had IQ’s over 160.   They were both from wealthy families. They both had attended prestigious schools. There was no history of abuse in their family. The family seemed a normal well to do family.

After planning the perfect kidnapping and murder for months, the men set out one day to commit an  intentional murder. It is very hard to understand this much evil. Loeb and Leopold made so many plans in order to pull this murder off. They left the victim up to chance, but the rest was well thought out.

The facts of this case are so stark and chilling. These men did not care what happened to their small kidnapping victim. There were so many mistakes for such a perfectly plotted crime. They bungled the entire thing and were easily named the main suspects.

The police and the District Attorney when questioning the two got direct answers as Loeb confessed to his part. With no emotions, no concerns. It was like he was playing a part.

Leopold also just answered questions with no responses that showed any feelings about what they had done at all. Even when being questioned there was no remorse. They believed they were too intelligent to get caught. They believed they had the perfect crime planned out.

Since they were only murderers were only 18 and 19 years old they were treated differently in sentencing. Ken Rossignol and Bruce Caplan did a great job with the research and brought this story to light.

There was a child, a trusting child that was murdered. The murderers never showed any compassion for that little boy, Bobby Franks. It did not even matter that the child was related to one of his murderers.

I am glad I listened this book, because I never would have believed it to be true if I had not.

This was an Audible AudioBook and it was well represented. The narrator Stan Jenson was impressive. The characters were clearly different in their speech patterns. He had a clear concise narration voice. The tones of the voices were well defined. His tone matched the era that the events took place.

This AudioBook is available at The Paperback and Kindle version are both available on Amazon.

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Book Review: Escape from the Past: The Duke’s Wrath by Annette Oppenlander

Escape from the Past: The Duke's WrathEscape from the Past: The Duke’s Wrath by Annette Oppenlander
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Max Anderson is a teenage boy that lives in Germany with his mother. Jimmy is his friend who has a video game designer for a father. Max had coaxed his friend to allow him to try out their newest game.
Things went strange for Max not long after he entered the game. He found himself feeling like he was actually living the game. The problem was that the game was set in the middle ages.

Max found a boy around his age named Bero. He was relieved that Bero allowed him to stay at his hovel. Max finds himself struggling to not stand out dressed in his modern clothes and his modern speech.

The adventure Max is living is interesting and you really get a good sense of his personality. He is a caring guy and he tries to help whenever he can. Times are dangerous for serfs like Bero and his family. These are times where people are burned at the stake if witchcraft is suspected, and Max tends to get questioning looks from the community members every time he does something odd or opens his mouth.

The adventure continues as Max is in a dangerous situation. After meeting Bero’s sister, Juliana, he tries to save her and save her life. He is making himself noticed and he doesn’t need that. But he can not resist helping these people he is living with.

This book is one huge fun adventure. The people are gritty and they feel like actual people. I was not wanting the end to come. I want to continue this story with Max. I was provided a copy of this book by the Author in exchange for an honest review.

Escape from the Past is available in both Paperback and Kindle on Amazon

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Celebrity Sighting and Photo Op at Steak & Shake in Lexington

Tonight I decided to take two of the grandchildren to Steak and Shake in Lexington, Ky. While we were waiting on our delicious burgers and shakes, I noticed an employee taking pictures of a young lady and a white haired man. There was quite a group over there by the take-out counter.  Of course I am a little curious, but I actually thought it was someone’s family meeting up at the restaurant.

I looked over and thought, hey! I know that face.  I recognize that chin and that face.  There in the flesh was, Jay Leno.  He was standing at the counter. One by one people were coming over cell phones in hand taking pictures with him.  He was welcoming them.

When the crowd cleared away , I let my grandchildren go toward him. I asked if he minded taking a picture with them and he motioned them over to him.  One went over to him while the youngest one hid behind my legs. I got a great picture of Jacob with Jay.

Jay Leno and Grandson


What I did not realize was that the youngest was not just hiding behind me, she was peeking her head around my legs making faces at him and growling.  I only found this out when Jay Leno started making faces and growling back at her.

If only I had gotten a picture of that. My cell phone did not get that one in time. Here is Jay right before we approached him. Looking calm and casual at the counter.


Jay Leno Steak and Shake 42316

What a great accidental encounter this was for all three of us.   Jay Leno was in town to MC a fund raiser for the fallen Policemen of Richmond, Kentucky. We just felt we were in the right place at the right time. Thank you for your kindness to these children.