April 1st Triple Header

Today is one of those Triple Header days.  April 1st means several things to me. First of all, today is my Dad’s birthday.  Happy birthday Dad!  I loved the picture of you that got posted on Facebook so I am going to post it here for those that missed it earlier. The photo was taken of my dad in his Army uniform and I think he looks very handsome in the picture. He is surrounded by his sisters and brother.  This was taken 2 years before I was born.  I had very young parents.  Here is said photo:Dad, Joyce, Connie and Robert


Next is the start-up day of Camp NaNoWriMo What the heck is that?  Well it is an organization that helps writers stay goal focused so that they commit to writing a set amount of words in order to write a novel or a screen play. So they designate months for writers to set goals for their writing.   Join me if you need just that little push to write that novel or screenplay that has been tickling your mind forever.  Join Me!





Today is also the day that I can announce the title of my new book. My new book with 36 pages (give or take)  The official title is:

The Shepherds of Donaldson Park


Today is also April Fool’s Day.  That means do not trust any news announcements that seem to good to be true, or too far out there to be factual. It is probably a prank.  I am not however, clever enough to think of some cool prank like Orangutanlibrarian. I have had fun with that blog post all day.  




So enjoy this day! I know I will.  Heck, I am already up to 2500 words with a goal of 30,000. Don’t forget to check out the otangutanlibraian’s blog and Camp NaNoWriMo.  Maybe we will be cabin mates.

10 thoughts on “April 1st Triple Header

    1. I am writing it as we speak. I have completed my first and now am busy on my second. I am 14010 words into it. Thank you for saying that about the family. I think they are all very handsome myself too! Funny part of writing, the hard part is to get a reviewer. I can’t review myself.


    1. I am still going. I am on Saturday’s count I turned in 2841 for the first day. I am quite hyper today/ tonight/ tomorrow whatever time it is. 🙂 Your posts have been very nice today! Very colorful and interesting!

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