Book Review: Storm by Evelyn Rosado

Storm (The Complete Series)Storm by Evelyn Rosado
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Storm is one emotional roller coaster of a ride. Brynn is a freshman in college and she finds herself in one overwhelming situation. Trying drugs for the first time at a party she finds that things are not simple and innocent any longer.
Things get out of hand and Brynn is terrified. Then Chase, a total stranger to her, shows up.

Chase rescued her and she felt an immediate bond with him. She was drawn to his stunning green eyes and perfect timing. The book is well written and is hot. The sex is hot and the characters are confused and driven.

Brynn and Chase find that they are totally drawn to each other and even though Brynn makes some really bad decisions Chase is there to help her.

Chase and Brynn have both had a tough time in their life and this keeps coming up in their relationship. The dynamic between the two is so powerful that it is pretty overwhelming for them both. Brynn meets up with an old friend from school and tries to move ahead without Chase, but she keeps getting drawn back to him. This is just as hard on Chase as it is Brynn.

Brynn has to make some decisions that are very hard at the time. The writing in this book is very powerful and keeps you riveted. You need to know what is going to happen next. You want them to find happiness, but they seem destined to only find heartache. It is a very emotional read. I really felt for the characters, their good and bad feelings were very real to me.

This book began as a seven part series and is a new release as one complete book containing all seven parts.

I thought it was a great book and was glad that I was given a copy to read in exchange for an honest review.

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