Book Review: The Cove by Catherine Coulter

The Cove (FBI Thriller, #1)The Cove by Catherine Coulter
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This was my first FBI thriller by Catherine Coulter and I just loved it. Sally St. James Brainerd was running for her life. She wasn’t sure who was following her, but she knew they were after her.

When she arrived in her Aunt’s home town of The Cove, she is terrorized by mysterious events and phone calls. She did not know who to trust, or how to protect herself.

FBI special agent James Quinlan followed Sally to The Cove and began to work with her in order to find out the truth about what she had seen or done upon the murder of her father. He worked to gain her trust while being untruthful about his reasons for stumbling up on her.

The story unwinds in a crazy manner, that makes you question everything and everyone. It is a great thriller, mystery that keeps you wanting to know more. The characters are so three dimensional that you see their personalities unfold. This is great writing. I loved it!

As I stated above, I had not read one of her thrillers, but I am a huge fan of her romance novels. She has a beautiful way with words and characters. I hope the rest of the FBI series is as well written.

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