Characters Must Have Forgotten to Take a Sleeping Pill

Spent the weekend writing.  I was pretty happy with my word count of  right at 5,000 words for Saturday and Sunday.pc-kitty-


Since I was expected at a wedding shower at 2:00 Saturday, after spending the morning shopping for the perfect gift for said shower, much of my writing time was otherwise engaged.

Then at 4:30, the family was  attending the talent show at my grandson’s middle school. Once the show was over my daughter and I joined a  half a dozen other Mothers and Grandmothers. We helped break down the set after we assisted in packing  away all the electrical, lighting  and sound system cords


Funny observation while packing away the equipment and helping break down the sets. The Fathers and Grandfathers were standing in a little group avoiding eye contact with all the Mothers and Grandmothers that were huffing and puffing around the gymnasium.  I am sure that it was unintentional, but I want it noted, that it was noticed.  thchinaz5

One poor Father didn’t get the meet us in the corner and avoid eye contact, memo and  helped all those women. They sure appreciated him.  The kids were being little pack mules. I mean these are seventh and eight graders  were carting off tables, chairs and large wooden frames that held the floor of the stage.fukidashi02051jy They were carrying heavy pieces, yet they did it.  It was so nice to see the talent that those kids had, but also the friendliness and helpfulness that they displayed.

Needless to say, I did not get back home until almost 11 pm. I was racing to the computer to get in as many words as I could in order to stay on track with my deadline.  clock With the clock ticking away towards midnight I sat down and put to my Word document the words that had been rolling around in my head all day.  I inserted my word count at 11:58 and was at about 300 words. I was so annoyed with myself that I stayed awake writing until about 2 am just to make up for lost time. I am nothing, if not obsessive.

Sunday was fine, I was able to write about 4,000 words and I was happy with my weekend totals

.   0bcf7acd4d08355fb88d88c128e9ed14

This morning, a Monday at 3:45 am  my characters nudge me awake. “Hey you know where you had me living here? Well I think I need to live in this little cottage over there.  you know the place I mean? better right? Makes more sense than where you had me. I am a grown man after all.”

I open my eyes, realize it is still very dark , groan and close them again.  The female character says “Hey! I have not gotten to tell my story. I listened to him tell his, but you didn’t give me a chance to tell mine.” Can I tell mine by saying it this way?” and she prattles on with her story, that I admit was coming together nicely.

What? ugh, someone needed to take a sleeping pill last night. I am sleepy. It isn’t even morning. I look at my phone and see it is not even 4 am.  The dogs are not even milling around yet. ” I only went to bed at midnight.  Come on guys. Go back to sleep.” sleeping

One of them, I am not sure which,I mean it is 4am, whispers another little scene in my ear that catapults me out of bed and into the computer room.

So at 4:10 I am furiously writing. I am sure I will not wear down from this character driven writing high anytime soon.

When in doubt blog about your sleepless creative characters that so desperately want their stories told. Then get back to that Word document.

I am sure it doesn’t make me seem crazy,  Crazy right?



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