Book Review: Grace and Disgrace by Kayne Milhomme

Grace and DisgraceGrace and Disgrace by Kayne Milhomme
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Grace and Disgrace was a thrill a minute puzzle. It kept me searching for clues along with Jack Tuohay, his friends, Eliza Wilding and John Eldredge as they move about Boston and other locations trying to find the stolen Templar Diamond. There are mysteries piled upon mysteries and Jack and his friends are determined to weed through all the convoluted puzzles and codes to find who is behind the jewel theft as well as hopefully solve the murders that have been occurring over the past few years.

The characters are fun and unique. Jack has secrets in his past that keep slipping out and causing more confusion. The story is very interesting and thrilling. I did not see all the different directions this search would take. It is a really good book to read. there are several side issues going on at the same time that makes Jack, Eliza and Eldredge work together as well as apart. They work wonderfully as a team and are willing to get their hands dirty in order to find the solutions.

If you love a good mystery that takes place back when automobiles were rare and horses and buggies still roamed the streets this is a good one to sink your teeth into. Kayne Milhomme has really set a high bar for his first work. The scenes were set perfectly so that I was able to visualize the state of the rooms they entered. I could almost smell the clove in the air. A very descriptive book that keeps you guessing until the end. I was happy to give it five stars because it kept me interested and engaged.

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