Book Review: Ancient Egypt: The Egypt of King Tut by T. D. Van Basten

Ancient Egypt: The Egypt of King TutAncient Egypt: The Egypt of King Tut by T D Van Basten
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I really enjoyed this delicious fact filled book about Egypt during the time of King Tut. It was fascinating to realize that King Tut, who usually is not given much credit for ruling the country, did however put the country back onto the path of prosperity.

Tutankhamen’s father The Heretic King Akhenaten had just about driven Egypt into the ground as he focused on making the country follow one god instead of the multitude of gods that they had worshiped before. In order to make Aten the only god he had to force the people to walk away from all the other gods and deities.

Akhenaten then set about building a new city dedicated to the god Aten. That city’s construction took precedence over all the other cities in Egypt. They all suffered form neglect. It took a young King Tutankhamen his entire reign of about 10 years to regain the lost religion as well as the repair of the other cities in the realm.

The book covers fascinating facts and rumors about the discovery by Carter in 1922. The curses, how they came to be as well as bunkers of the curse.

DNA facts are included as well as new discoveries about his health and life. Connections with Nefertiti are also reinforced in this book. A very interesting subject is raised about the little workers in the tomb. Information that was new to me about their purpose and number in the afterlife.

There is one chapter on Ay and Horemheb, my personal opinion is that they are, at least for sure Ay is, a villain. There was information in this book that both agreed with me and sometimes went against my personal feelings on the subject. But I read to learn.

I always felt bad for Tut’s wife and my favorite story about her contacting a foreign king after his death is included in this book. I just love that story and the sad events that followed. It just feeds into my dislike and distrust of Ay.

If you love Tutankhamen, like I love Tutankhamen, you will love this book. It is a great read with ideas that are new and the latest information about the potential for new discoveries.

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