New Book Publishing Concept. Have you heard of Inkshares?

I came in contact with a new writer. He is not yet published, but he had a nice 50 page preview of his book that he was willing to share.  I wanted to read it and get an idea about his book.  I enjoyed the 50 pages so I think I will pre-order a copy.

The story is mysterious and already I can tell the characters are going to be well rounded. With secret missives hidden away and vague clues passed along in unfortunate circumstances it has everything that is needed to be a powerful story.  The 50 pages that I read allowed me to glimpse the bones of the story, and I liked that skeleton enough to want to see what’s still left to uncover.  It is like being an archaeologist and finding a massive bone in a dried up prehistoric swamp, you just keep wanting to uncover more.


Joni Dee provided me with a link to his book  And the Wolf Shall Dwell  at Once I was there at the site,  I realize that there is a whole step by step process in order to be published. While there you can preview books and then pre-order the eBook or physical book in order to help the writer on their way to being published.

A blossoming author needs 250 pre-orders before they are provided an isbn, editing and design. This is what they call “Quill” light publishing.   Once the writer has 750 followers committed to purchasing the book, will provide distribution and marketing.  I can see where this program has merit. There is more information on their information page, here

Logically I know that  if you hire an editor, proof reader, marketing team, designer for the cover then  you alone are committing money up front.

I have thought about it for over 24 hours and I come to realize that this is not a bad deal. I personally wonder if it slows down the process as the writer has to find 250 people that believe in the book enough to fund the process.

My main problem is, I can’t do a review on 50 random pages, so I will just have to wait until all 250 of us purchase the book so I can read and review it upon release.

Have you heard of this program?  Have you dealt with them in your own road to authorship? I would love to know what you think about this.


9 thoughts on “New Book Publishing Concept. Have you heard of Inkshares?

      1. I used CreateSpace for my first book and I plan on using it with my new book. I like the on demand printing. I have had some people directly order a copy, and I have had others request a signed book so I order those sent to me and sell directly to reader. There is no upfront cost. But you have to market it yourself. That is what I find to be hard. I have very positive feeling about CreateSpace.

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