AudioBook Review: Titanic & Lusitania by Bruce M.Caplan, Logan Marshall and Ken Rossignol

Titanic & Lusitania

Titanic & Lusitania by Bruce M. Caplan

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The AudioBook of Titanic & Lusitania by Bruce M. Caplan, Logan Marshall and Ken Rossignol was a very enlightening book. To hear the voices of survivors of those two ship sinking makes it so real.

At first we learn about the sinking of the Titanic. The surviving wives wanting to jump in to the water to end their life as they just witnessed their husbands fate. Having a woman express how it looked like a hotel with the lights disappearing one level at a time as it dropped into the water.
The fear of the ice in the water and the tremendous trauma of being a survivor. Seeing cowards live and knowing that heroic actions meant sure death for other men.

The story of the Lusitania was new information to me. I did not know the causes of World War 1, so hearing this was very interesting. Hearing about how the different countries worked against and for each other. Knowing that it is a world war is one thing, hearing all the countries involved puts it into more prospective.

The witnesses and survivor tales were sad and heroic just as the witnesses told about the Titanic. These men and women faced death while watching people dying in their presence. Children were saved and some were lost. There were people in the water asking for help. It was shocking to men and women to see these people. One woman watched her sons die. Her story is sad and yet she is a strong woman to deal with such a tragedy.

Another survivor tells of a boat full of children and women. Then he tells how the ship lifted one end in the air and people slid off. Such vivid recollections bring this story to heart.
The stories of when the torpedoes actually struck the Lusitania talk of noises and confusion and the incorrect directions given.

The news back home was even more damning for the German submarines. They actively prevented rescue attempts. Those poor people floated for a while, when they could have been saved.

The survivors of the Lusitania were also left to die on the ship. With the list on one side of the ship there were many lifeboats that were not able to launch. Another tragedy having to do with inadequate lifeboats.

What great research was done for this book. Now as I noted, Titanic & Lusitania is an AudioBook so I am listening to a narrator tell this story. Scott R. Pollak was brilliant with the voices. Accents were perfect and made the stories even more alive. I think that this narration was well done. I would love to hear more of these historical AudioBooks and more books read by this narrator.

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