Book Review: Panama 1914 by Ken Rossignol

Panama 1914 (The early years of the Big Dig)Panama 1914 by Ken Rossignol
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

So much interesting information that really let the reader know how much danger and hard work was involved in creating that mammoth canal. The dangers were real and the cost was extremely high. In money, in lives and livelihood.

I loved the real accounts of the event. There are so much history and newsworthy accounts. The photos and illustrations were such a lovely feature of the book.

The newspaper accounts that are shared in the book showed just what an important and huge event this was. Even the president was actively promoting it and there are pictures and tons of information on the Presiden’t participation.

Advertisers even included the building project in their ads. It was on everyone’s mind. It was funny how the advertising guru’s decided to promote products based on their availability to the people in and around the construction zone.

I really enjoyed learning all these facts. The way it was written was engaging. It is obvious to me that the writer Ken Rossingnol is a huge lover of history. It is obvious that he has some amazing research in this book.

As a lover of history, I was in heaven reading this. I can recommend that anyone that loves history should read this book.

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