Book Review: Ridiculous by D. L. Carter

RidiculousRidiculous by D.L. Carter
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Very fun and entertaining

The premise of this book as great. The characters have such great personalities and the story is filled with the most amazing humor. Millicent Boarder as a man was perfectly portrayed. She played at being a man like I would play being a man, over the top and foppish.

Millicent when dressed and behaving as Mr. Antony North (her recently deceased cousin) was a wonderful friend to the Duke and his sister. Even when members of the ton tried to make trouble for Mr. North it was handled by the Duke and his sister with spirit and humor.

There are just so many funny scenes in this books. North had quite a way with the storytelling. A way of drawing in people and making them comfortable, even when he knows it is dangerous to be too visible. He just can’t help it.

Then there was the uncomfortable draw that the Duke felt for his dear friend, Mr. North. It is a great unique book with unusual events taking place in the regency period. I have listed this book as a favorite. It is just too good to drop out of favor. Great book to read when you want humor and sweet unexpected love.

I want to read more from this author. If D.L.Carter’s other books have as much heart and comedy I know I will enjoy then.

This wonderful book is available in paperback and Kindle by clicking the link below.

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