Celebrity Sighting and Photo Op at Steak & Shake in Lexington

Tonight I decided to take two of the grandchildren to Steak and Shake in Lexington, Ky. While we were waiting on our delicious burgers and shakes, I noticed an employee taking pictures of a young lady and a white haired man. There was quite a group over there by the take-out counter.  Of course I am a little curious, but I actually thought it was someone’s family meeting up at the restaurant.

I looked over and thought, hey! I know that face.  I recognize that chin and that face.  There in the flesh was, Jay Leno.  He was standing at the counter. One by one people were coming over cell phones in hand taking pictures with him.  He was welcoming them.

When the crowd cleared away , I let my grandchildren go toward him. I asked if he minded taking a picture with them and he motioned them over to him.  One went over to him while the youngest one hid behind my legs. I got a great picture of Jacob with Jay.

Jay Leno and Grandson


What I did not realize was that the youngest was not just hiding behind me, she was peeking her head around my legs making faces at him and growling.  I only found this out when Jay Leno started making faces and growling back at her.

If only I had gotten a picture of that. My cell phone did not get that one in time. Here is Jay right before we approached him. Looking calm and casual at the counter.


Jay Leno Steak and Shake 42316

What a great accidental encounter this was for all three of us.   Jay Leno was in town to MC a fund raiser for the fallen Policemen of Richmond, Kentucky. We just felt we were in the right place at the right time. Thank you for your kindness to these children.


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