AudioBook Review: Leopold & Loeb Killed Bobby Franks by Bruce Caplan and Ken Rossignol

Leopold & Loeb Killed Bobby FranksLeopold & Loeb Killed Bobby Franks by Bruce M. Caplan

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It was 1924 in Cook County Illinois. Two young men, Richard Loeb and Nathan Leopold grew up together. They seemed to feed off each other. Both young men were highly intelligent and both very dangerous. They both had IQ’s over 160.   They were both from wealthy families. They both had attended prestigious schools. There was no history of abuse in their family. The family seemed a normal well to do family.

After planning the perfect kidnapping and murder for months, the men set out one day to commit an  intentional murder. It is very hard to understand this much evil. Loeb and Leopold made so many plans in order to pull this murder off. They left the victim up to chance, but the rest was well thought out.

The facts of this case are so stark and chilling. These men did not care what happened to their small kidnapping victim. There were so many mistakes for such a perfectly plotted crime. They bungled the entire thing and were easily named the main suspects.

The police and the District Attorney when questioning the two got direct answers as Loeb confessed to his part. With no emotions, no concerns. It was like he was playing a part.

Leopold also just answered questions with no responses that showed any feelings about what they had done at all. Even when being questioned there was no remorse. They believed they were too intelligent to get caught. They believed they had the perfect crime planned out.

Since they were only murderers were only 18 and 19 years old they were treated differently in sentencing. Ken Rossignol and Bruce Caplan did a great job with the research and brought this story to light.

There was a child, a trusting child that was murdered. The murderers never showed any compassion for that little boy, Bobby Franks. It did not even matter that the child was related to one of his murderers.

I am glad I listened this book, because I never would have believed it to be true if I had not.

This was an Audible AudioBook and it was well represented. The narrator Stan Jenson was impressive. The characters were clearly different in their speech patterns. He had a clear concise narration voice. The tones of the voices were well defined. His tone matched the era that the events took place.

This AudioBook is available at The Paperback and Kindle version are both available on Amazon.

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