Book Review: Swept Away by Susan Kiernan Lewis

The Heidelberg Effect (Tempus Fugitives Trilogy, #1)The Heidelberg Effect by Susan Kiernan-Lewis
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Ella and Rowan meet just as Ella is about to move to Germany. They are in Atlanta and they only have a short amount of time before her flight. They seem to have a connection when they meet and it is nice to see them work at how they will continue even after she leaves. They make plans on calls and Skype sessions to hold them over.

I liked Rowan and I liked Ella. I did not like the changes that came over Ella when she went to Germany. She feels something pretty strongly for Rowan, but doesn’t always take his calls. That I found confusing.

This is a time travel book and it was done well. It made me feel like I went back with her. I felt like I was seeing this convent and castle which made me like the book even better.

When she moves to Germany she discovers her mother’s secret and it effects her very deeply. While she was in such an emotional state she stumbles into the year 1620. There she meets a cast of characters that she feels compelled to help. They are a group of nuns that are being targeted by the leaders of the city.

Axle and his father feel no compunction in how they treat the villagers including this convent full of nuns. Ella steps in to assist the nuns. She has a few items at her disposal and she doesn’t hesitate to use them.

Back in the 21st century, Rowan has come to Germany to see what has happened to Ella. Since she disappeared three weeks before he has no real leads to her whereabouts. After he has reached a dead end he stumbles into a small street and suddenly he is stepping into a garden where he finds Ella. He doesn’t know it is now 1620.

Ella and Rowan work together to try to help the nuns. They do have some clever ideas and work very hard for an end to the mistreatment that Axle and his father commit.

The book is very interesting and it is really engaging. The characters have a few flaws, as do we all. If you like time travel books, I believe this is a good one. This is a series of books, but this does not leave you hanging. There is a conclusion to this book and the next one picks up a few months later.

The title of the books changed after publication so The Heidelburg Effect became Swept Away.
This book is available as a Kindle book on Amazon

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2 thoughts on “Book Review: Swept Away by Susan Kiernan Lewis

    1. It was not hard to follow. The characters were pretty confused when they stepped back and forth through time. I like Time Travel as a genre so I kept up with it pretty well. It was the fist time I have seen the characters jumping back and forth leaving messages like that. I liked it and want to read the next book. I think it takes place in Cairo.

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