Story A Day: Day 1 Tabitha Being Tabby

Tabitha Being Tabby by Sojourner McConnell

When Terry began scrolling through her phone, none of the photos she found were hers.
There  were only pictures of a precocious six year old wearing a pink and black polka dotted shirt. It seemed to Terry that someone had taken her phone off her bedside table and made use of the camera app.

Tabitha was always seeking out the phone, knowing that she could access the camera without knowing the password. Now Terry had over 250 photos of Tabby in her phone. Tabby was always happily documenting those faces that she loved to make.
Picture after picture appeared featuring Tabby. Tabby, as she stretched her lips in wide eerie grins. Grins that morphed into a frown that stretched down to her little pointed chin. One photo that followed showing deep within her mouth. Her teeth and tongue were centered on the screen.

“Tabby? Tabby, come here!” Terry called out to the now missing first grader. She was sure that Tabby was occupied with torturing the dogs by playing keep away.

Meekly Tabby came around the corner. Her white hair caught up in a tight pony tail swinging over her shoulder and her big blue eyes peering into the bedroom. She meekly said,  “Yes ma’am?”

“Have you been playing with my phone, again?” Giving a stern look at Tabby, Terry tried not to smile.

She loved this girl so much. It was hard to reprimand her and stay annoyed with her.
It was just Terry and Tabby against the world. Tabby was her whole world so that made it much easier. From the moment of her birth it had always been Terry and Tabby.

Tabby gave her mother the most adorable grin, the grin that showed all her teeth and her over the top personality. Never had Terry seen such an adorable grin in her life.

The fact that Tabby was so personable was a bit of a surprise to Terry.
She, herself had always been a little shy and socially awkward, until Tabby. The moment Tabby was born; Terry had blossomed into a mother. A responsible person that willingly and happily decided to stand up and make the important decisions that would always come her way. A woman that was now willing to stand up to anyone for her child.

Tabby was the catalyst to Terry’s growth. Together they made a whole, and she had the photos to prove it.

Taking Tabby by the hand she led her to the computer, plugged in the phone and began to upload every picture in the phones gallery into the folder marked Tabitha being Tabby.
The upload took a while due to the number of photos involved. One after the other the little face began popping up on the screen. Filling the folder with the new photos, adding to the thousands of pictures already stored there.

Terry remembered that they had, as a team, uploaded the last set of pictures just a week ago. She knew that if she and Tabby kept this ritual going that she would need a new hard drive, just to hold all the pictures that the camera had captured of Tabby.

Terry hugged Tabby close, pulling her up on her lap where they continued in the weekly tradition. Together mother and daughter started with the first photo, scrolling one by one through the thousands of photos documenting Tabitha being Tabby.

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