AudioBook Review: The Search by Nora Roberts

The SearchThe Search by Nora Roberts

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Overall *****
Performance *****
Story *****

I just finished listening to the AudioBook of the Search by Nora Roberts and this is one intense read. I loved the teeter totter of danger, happiness, love and fear. The characters Fiona Bristow and Simon Doyle are hilarious which helps during the tense scary parts.

Fiona is a dog trainer and works on the search and rescue canine team. Her dogs are brilliant and when Simon comes over with his unruly, ill mannered dog he sees that there might be hope for his truck eater. Simon is about ready to wash his hands of this overactive destructive dog. That is until Fiona helps him teach Jaws to be a smart puppy.

It was so nice to see the dogs being trained over and above the typical obedience training. Search and rescue dogs have been trained with vocal and hand commands. They also use their noses to find missing people in large wildlife areas. That portion of the book was especially interesting to me as I love to see dogs performing more than basic skills.

There was a serial killer that captured Fiona when she was younger and when she escaped from him, he stalked and killed her fiance. It has scarred her and made her more self reliant.It appears that someone is killing again in the same fashion as her would be killer. The original serial killer is in prison for life, thanks to her testimony. The new killer, this wanna be is making his way closer and closer to her. This new killer knows things about the first murderer that were never made public. It is a terrifying time for Fiona.

On the personal side of Fiona’s life, she has not really opened her heart to anyone since her fiance’s death. She does however find something very enticing about Simon.

The relationship that Fiona and Simon have made me laugh out loud on several occasions. Simon, who I love by the way, was so unwilling to have a woman or a dog in his life. So he had both woman and dog popping up in his life all through the story.

Once again I have to acknowledge the great writing on Nora Roberts’ part. She as always, gave these two so much personality and background that you really got to know them.

This is one of the best Nora Roberts books I have read. I have read a lot by her, as she is one of my most favorite authors.

Her humor and her intensity are so well balanced that you feel like you have been through the gritty and grimy events with the main characters. The dogs were so on point. The dogs almost stole the book away from Fiona and Simon.

Excellent story with a lot of intense moments and many creepy moments with a couple of serial killers.

The narration of this story was amazingly well done. The Audible AudioBook was produced by Brilliance Audio.

The intensity that Tany Eby brought to this story was unnerving. The characterization of each and every person was unique and perfectly matched to their personality.

Simon had a careless voice that showed he was a humorous man with a casual approach to life. That was his character. Fiona had the voice of a professional leader, trainer. A voice that commanded and had great strength. The original serial killer had a creepy sing song voice that made my skin crawl. The current serial killer was just a voice that implied a desire to hurt people. To watch them suffer, spot on to his personality.

The narration by Tanya Eby made this book a total 5 stars for me in each category. I had trouble sleeping after listening to this book. That is a 5 star AudioBook.

The Search is available in Kindle as well as Paperback and through Audible on Amazon

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