Book Review: Brooklyn On Fire by Lawrence H. Levy





LAWRENCE H. LEVY is a highly regarded film and TV writer who is a Writers Guild Award winner and two-time Emmy nominee. He has written for various hit TV shows such as Family Ties, Saved by the Bell, Roseanne, and SeinfeldBrooklyn on Fire is his second novel.




Rating ****

Brooklyn on Fire is a fun book filled with history, famous names and corruption. There is also Mary Handley, and she is a delightful character. She is  based off of a real person that Mr. Levy brings vividly  back to life with his telling of her sleuthing abilities.   She has so much intellect and personal strength. She is a joy to read about.  Mary is an officer with the Brooklyn Police Department and she has goals of becoming a detective. This is a new concept at this time. This is the second book about Mary Handley by Lawrence H. Levy.

When Mary is presented with a twenty year old mystery she sets about to determine exactly what happened. When more murders come to light, they all seem connected to this one family.  The truth is very well hidden and the facts are very confusing. Of course it all makes sense after a while, but it is a fun story of the olden days of New York.

I liked Mary’s relationship with George. They are a feisty pair and it kept it fun.

There are many different crimes going on at the same time. It kind of felt like the story slowed in the middle. The pace then picked up momentum and I was again interested and curious as to how it was all going to pan out.

For history buffs it is going to be a fun and  enlightening read. For mystery buffs it has plenty of angles to keep us guessing.

I was glad to see some of the impressive names involved such as the Vanderbilts and the Rockerfellers.

I am glad I held on through the middle. I liked how Lawrence H. Levy writes history.  I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review. I was glad I chose this book to read. It was a good choice for me as I love both history and mysteries.

This book is available as a paperback and in Kindle format  on Amazon.

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