Book Review: Compromising Miss Tisdale by Jessica Jefferson

Compromising Miss TisdaleCompromising Miss Tisdale by Jessica Jefferson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Compromising Miss Tisdale is a story with some fun and somewhat tainted characters. Duncan has become the Earl of Bristol. It is not a position he ever expected and not a position he felt ready to settle down and thrive with. He is quite the rake around London and had been sent away due to his misdeeds several years before.

Now Duncan was back in London and his Uncle was expecting him to indeed settle down. After the sudden and unexpected death of his brother he has inherited the title. He found himself drawn to a woman of utter structure and propriety. He fought hard against what he might feel. His friend who is also the brother of Ambrosia’s best friend assures the Earl, that she was the woman he should compromise in order to get her dowery.

The Tisdale family is fun loving and close knit. Ambrosia is the eldest daughter and has never accepted any proposal that have come her way. She does not know what she is waiting for, but she knows that she will recognize it when it comes along.

When she finds a shirtless man in the library, then she begins to wonder if she has found what she had been missing.

It is a fun and nice book by Jessica Jefferson. I am ready to read the other books in the series, just to get more from the Tisdale family. Tamsin and Lillian’s stories are available in the Regency Bloom Series.

This book as well as the others in the series are available on Kindle and KindleUnlimited through Amazon

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