Book Review: The Sheikh’s Irresistible Proposal by Holly Rayner

The Sheikh's Irresistible ProposalThe Sheikh’s Irresistible Proposal by Holly Rayner
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I have to start by saying what a fun story. I liked Sheikh Sadiq bin-Haled al-Halam. He is visiting the club, watching her sing and then he offers her half a million dollars to sing for him. Hannah Green is just a jazz singer in a run down club. Her boss is a total jerk and maybe even a little underhanded. Needless to say, Hannah is not happy with anything about the situation, except for the singing. I liked Hannah. The Sheikh wanted her to sing for him back home. Who could resist half a million dollars for six weeks of singing while hanging out with a Sheikh? I am happy to say Hannah couldn’t.

It was a really sweet story, filled with confused emotions that made you hope for them to see each other with love. There is a difference in the cultures that make for some hard feelings and hurt feelings. I enjoyed the colorful descriptions of his country and the foods. Then Hannah’s interactions with the people was really nice to see.

It is a really well written book that was just a quick (too quick) read. I could have read more about them! I appreciate being given this book as a ARC by Holly Rayner in exchange for an honest review.

This was my second book by Holly Rayner and I loved the first one I read. Last christmas I read The Billionaire’s First Christmas. With two very good books in my Read pile by Holly, I know it will not be the last. It is always fun to find an author that has a wonderful way with characters! Next I get to read Holly’s newest book, The Sheikh’s Secret Princess, for review. I am looking forward to that. I like that Holly Rayner makes sure there is a happy ever after in all of her books. I love that in a book!

You can find The Sheikh’s Irresistible Proposal for Kindle and through KindleUnimited at Amazon

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