A-Z PE Challenge Day 7 (G)

This challenge is to post a different blog daily starting with the letter from A to Z.

Today we are celebrating the Grandiose letter G!

The Blog dejour is:

20 day world  Grace Anne’s “world of stories that I’ve read and stories that I write.”

Grace Anne is the alter ego of the blogger that writes the 20 Day World.  She is an avid reader, a self taught pencil artist, and a writer of poems and prose. Her blog is interesting to read and when not writing on her own blog, she is commenting and encouraging other bloggers.  Grace Anne is really a wonderfully friendly and kind blogger.

Grace Anne has almost 250 followers and I am sure she would welcome more.  Her blog is not quite a year old and I can’t wait to see how it progresses as she continues with her writing, reviews, and art work. She writes reviews in chronological order and I find that fascinating. When she began her blog in August, she stated the following.

I’ve started reading books quite late in my life, late teens to be precise, now in my early 20s, by now the world has had so many book revolutions happening that it’s easy to get way in over your head about what to read and what not to, what do you like, the cheesy romances or classics, modern history or war oriented, fiction or short stories.

Enjoy your special letter day today Grace Anne . Today is all about celebrating you!

About the A-Z PE challenge.

This is a fun way to showcase blogs that you like and people that you want to know better. Come join us on the 26 day challenge!

This challenge was created by gapawa.

He came up with the A-Z People Edition challenge and it is an awesome idea. If you want to join in the fun, then just join in.There is no set date or month. Just 26 days of your choosing. Here is the link to the instructional blog you can visit

Here is a quote from gapawa’s blog explaining his motivation for this fun challenge.

” This is the people edition! So on the first day you find someone who’s screen name starts with A and you check out their blog. The idea is that you read through some of their posts, introduce yourself and give them some feedback. Then, write your post of the day and publish it, describing who the person is and your experience finding and interacting with them, what you thought of their posts. What you came away with. I think it could be fun:)”

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