Book Review: The Case of the Fallen Hero by Alison Golden

The Case of the Fallen Hero (An Inspector David Graham Cozy Mystery Book 3)The Case of the Fallen Hero by Alison Golden
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is the latest book in the Inspector Graham Cozy Mystery Series.The book, The Case of the Fallen Hero, released on May 20, 2016. It was wonderful.I enjoyed the mystery, the Inspector, and the musicians. Each aspect of this book was fun, interesting, and entertaining. I do love Inspector David Graham. He is quite entertaining with his understated ways. He puts things right without making a fuss about it. I like that.

I did not figure out the mystery until it was revealed. I like when a mystery can keep me guessing. The witnesses and suspects were just so bizarre and those sisters were just crazy. I liked the castle and the adventure that took place there.

The musicians that were trying to escape danger was such a great adventure. I love when there are secrets and hidden things in the dark.

This is another fun book by Alison Golden. I really like the Inspector. He is clever and I like how he interacts with his police officers.I hope there are more Inspector David Graham books on the horizon. He is awesome.

This cozy mystery by Alison Golden is available in paperback and through KindleUnlimited on Amazon.

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