Book Review: A Boy On Trial – A Legal Thriller by Clifford Irving

BOY ON TRIAL - A Legal Thriller (Clifford Irving's Legal Novels Book 4)BOY ON TRIAL – A Legal Thriller by Clifford Irving
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Billy Braverman is one of those characters that get in your head and will not let you sleep. His story is totally unique. Billy is a twelve year old boy that has a loving affluent family. He is a gentle child and a compassionate heart and perhaps a little too smart for his own good. Billy has almost a genius IQ. He is curious and interested in philosophy and languages. He loves art and music. Billy is really intelligent. When he sets a goal he sets about to achieve it.

This book is detailed and builds with each revelation. It is told entirely from Billy’s point of view and tells the story of his attempt to help his friend, Amy Bedford from school. He might even call her his girlfriend on occasion. Amy was the daughter of the garbage man and her life was not pleasant. When he finds her in danger he assists her and they begin a friendship that is not approved of by many people.

Billy felt compelled to help Amy, no matter what it cost. Her story is as harsh as his is compassionate. Together they have an adventure and all of this is leading up to what started the story. Billy is accused of shooting a man.

Through the entire adventure a certain outcome is known and that is that Billy is going to be accused of shooting her father, Carter Bedford. Carter is a real piece of work. He is disgusting and mean. He is an unpleasant person altogether.

Billy wants to tell his story from start to finish so that you understand the events and the people involved. This book is rich storytelling at its best. I had a hard time putting the book down. I was back up at 1 am to finish reading it. My only reservation in this book is that I did not find it to be a thriller. I found it to be an interesting crime book. A well written book of fiction, but not actually a thriller.

You can pick up the book through KindleUnlimited or in Kindle Edition on Amazon

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