New Release Book Review: Once Upon a War by Julia Regan


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I gave Once Upon a War by Julia Regan***** stars

Once Upon a War by Julia Regan, is a great story featuring the cutest suffragette, Anastacia Whisper. Then there is the free thinking Casper Brown, the Author of a recently banned book.

I think I fell in love with their names before I even got to know them enough to love them.

The book Casper had written, To Irvine,  was banned by Parliament because it was filling people’s heads with unacceptable images.They were sexual in nature  and  it was unacceptable at the time for women to read about such things. Of course Anastacia had read it several times and felt that it should be available for women to read if they wished.

Anastacia did not believe it should be banned so she began to sneak around and make it available to women at her bookstore. She went so far as to purchase a printing press and set it up at her bookstore apartment. Even thought that was highly illegal Anastacia felt it was important.

When the author, Casper Brown hears that there is a book seller that is going to all this trouble to help him sell his books, he just has to meet her. Once he does, it becomes a wonderful tale about the love of books and the love of each other. I really loved the character of Casper Brown. He was kind and forward thinking. He treasured his time with Anastacia and I loved that calmness he brought.

I really liked this book. It was so nicely crafted. The characters were so likable, except for that horrible lizardy old man. There was a horrible villain in the story. Ugh! Mr. Charles Sykes. He totally just creeped me out. He was really well written so that I could picture him in all his villain creepiness.

I enjoyed how Casper and Anastacia’s friends worked together to keep Anastacia safe. Julia Regan made the side characters just as interesting as the main. It was just such a perfect read. I received this book as an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

This is just a great little book! I read it all in one sitting. So nicely done, Julia Regan!

This is a brand new release and is available at Amazon as a Kindle Edition and through KindleUnlimited.

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