Book Review: 30 Pieces of Silver by Carolyn McCray

30 Pieces of Silver (Betrayed, #1)30 Pieces of Silver by Carolyn McCray
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This work of fiction had everything that keeps a book exciting. The book goes from activity in the year 40ad and then back to the current day which allows you to be able to see a complete picture. The danger and adventure of the story is riveting.

You become aware that the main characters are being chased by members of a super secret sect called the Knot. The know is out to protect the bones by any means necessary. You are not sure who the leaders of the sect are, but they are adamant that Rebecca, Dr. Lochum and Brandt must be stopped. I kept following the characters every step of the way. The team of archaeologists were getting deeper and deeper into the mystery of the bones. Rebecca is brought into contact with her mentor and ex-professor, Dr. Lochum.

When it becomes clear that there is a betrayer in the midst, you begin to suspect everyone. I was right with Rebecca Monroe’s deep seeded need to find the gene that she believed existed, but I also had total understanding of Brandt’s religious objections. Throughout it all I stayed curious to see where the story would lead. It was such a fever pitch story. The premise was unique and really made me think. I loved the caves, temples, globe trotting and the religious secrets.

The gun battles, explosives and crashing tombs were exciting and beautifully described. I wanted to see all the places that they visited. I wanted to be there with them, no matter what they might find. There was enough story to keep me focused on their search that I found nothing distracting in the presentation.

It did have that Dan Brown mystery feel, but there was also this chemistry between Brandt and Rebecca that made me enjoy that side of the story too. I would recommend reading this if you like adventures that have a biblical foundation.

Even though this has a disclaimer that the theory is against the religious norm, I found it exciting and intriguing even though it does go against my own personal religious beliefs. I found some things to be far fetched but it just added to the story. I wanted boats and cars to go that fast and do those feats. I found it entertaining.

30 Pieces of Silver is available in paperback, through KindleUnlimited and as a Kindle Edition at Amazon

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