Today I said goodbye to my little Redhead Arrow

I have mentioned that my little Australian shepherd has been sick. Today they found that she had an advanced cancer in her stomach and she was not allowed to wake up after her surgery.

I am heartbroken and I am going to be grieving with her brother Beau.  Arrow was a lovely good natured loving dog. She was almost 9 years old and she still played like a puppy. She has a room full of toys and she played with them all as often as possible.  She was smart as a whip and knew many English words.

Arrow was also a stubborn runaway when she was off her leash, so she always walked by my side outside. That kept her safe from her wild inclinations.

So tonight I will not be blogging, I may take a few days, just to adjust to life without my little redheaded girl.

Arrow this Mama is going to miss you so much, I hope you are eating your fill and are pain free tonight.  Rest in peace, Arrow, I love you.

54 thoughts on “Today I said goodbye to my little Redhead Arrow

  1. I am so sorry for your loss. I too have an Australian Shepherd and am an Aussie lover. Losing a beloved pet is never easy. I lost a 3 year old Siberian Husky to cancer. It is never easy. I’ll be thinking about you.

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  2. Heartbreaking. The positives in this are that Arrow was loved by you and will continue to be loved for all time. She loved you in return and would no doubt be grateful that you loved her enough to not let her spend her final days in pain. Perhaps she can meet our Aggie and Chiyo who have gone over the Rainbow Bridge in the last five years. Thoughts with you at this sad time. Try to remember and revel in the good ones.

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    1. I can be thankful that I had her in my life. I am s better person because I loved her. I am a better person because she loved me. I am looking at her pictures and she makes me smile through the tears. You are right!!

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    1. It is so difficult with all the little ways that she is missing today. I just keep finding places where she is missing. 😦 Beau is very confused and jumpy. I am sorry you are still hurting.

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  3. Oh Vick, I’m so sorry to hear about Arrow. You know that I understand having just lost Cally.
    I wish I could give you a hug. Sending you cyber hugs and love.

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  4. My thoughts are with you. I am So very sorry to hear this sad news this morning. I know how you must be feeling right now, after my Westie died.

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  5. We’ve already spoken but again I’m so sorry you’ve lost beautiful Arrow. She looks like such a sweet dog. I especially love the two of them dressed as reindeer 🙂 ❤ Big hugs to you and your family.

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    1. Thank you Cat. I can’t tell you how missed she is. Each day starts with the harsh reminder that she is not here. Thank you for your sweet hugs and they did make adorable reindeer. She actually looked like a deer. It was one of her pet names.

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    1. Thank you, Yes I am dealing with a broken heart along with my boy Beau. We are still adjusting. I can’t believe she is gone. I keep looking for her to sit down beside me and paw at my arm.

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      1. oh bless your heart- we almost lost our big Walter- Himalayan – back in February- his twin brother died in my arms several years ago- it is agonizing… they are so dependent without realizing how dependent we become on their quiet presence- non-judgemental…well cats are sort of judgemental…but you know what I mean…i’m not sure anything fills that hole left in your heart when a loved one dies…sad

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  6. Thank you 🙂 You are right! There is nothing like grieving. It sure does leave a hole. ❤ Sorry for your loss too. Cats are a little judgemental, you are right on that too. SPeaking of cats, our half outside half inside cat has become the comfort cat. He is coming in at night purring and sleeping with Beau and I. It is rather sweet of the serial murderer of all things smaller than him.


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