Beau’s New Assignment on the Security Detail

Beau has been given the new job here at home of patrolling for the doorbell ringing murderers that are his arch nemesis.  Beau does not like when people ring the doorbell. He is convinced that they are murderers and robbers.  Everyone knows that murderers and robbers ring the doorbell first, right?

In Beau’s head they do. Beau disarmed one of the boys and has taken the gun as his own. Since he is armed and looking for work, we hired him as the Security Guard.

Here is a video of Beau on Patrol.

Let us know if you want to attend Beau Goodwin’s school for Armed Guards. He is hosting another class any day now.  Your dog too can recognize and patrol for Doorbell ringing murderers and robbers.

By the way, that murderer that kept saying “I am a murderer” is not really one she is Sarah,  a 6 year old that likes to tease Beau. Sarah is about to be a guest blogger on here sharing her book reviews.

Feel free to leave Beau a comment, I will read them all to him.

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