Book Review: New Release Sweet Southern Sleuths Cozy Mysteries Series by Hope Callaghan

Sweet Southern Sleuths Cozy Mysteries Series: 12 Book Box SetSweet Southern Sleuths Cozy Mysteries Series: 12 Book Box Set by Hope Callaghan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Sweet Southern Sleuths cozy Mystery Series is just a great collection of short stories that feature Loretta and Lacy Sweet. They are brought to the town of Misery Mississippi. After the death of a distance Aunt, they have inherited a home and a little side business. In book one they find a body in one of the trailers they now own and that begins their sleuthing adventures. Did I mention that they have the knack for solving mysteries?

In the best most fun and laughable way they solve these mysteries. There is also Uncle Ichabod and he always adds to the mix nicely. I absolutely love the southern names of the characters. No matter how odd, they are genuinely southern. I even know someone named Vernice.

These 12 stories are really a fun read and a really great collection.
Book 1 is Teepees & Trailer Parks,
Book 2 is Bag of Bones,
Book 3 is Southern Stalker,
Book 4 is Two Settle the Score,
Book 5 Killer Road Trip,
Book 6 is Pups in Peril,
Book 7 is Dying to Get Married,
Book 8 is Deadly Drive-In,
Book 9 is Secrets of a Stranger,
Book 10 is Library Lockdown,
Book 11 is Vandals & Vigilantes,
Book 12 is Fatal Frolic.

The police even have noticed the sisters pinchon for finding bodies. There are small town mobsters and the police (especially Phil) are active and interesting to Loretta and Lacy. These mysteries are well written and fun to read. I loved being able to read twelve stories one after another.

I enjoy the way Hope Callaghan writes. She writes so that you keep up with the mystery and still are surprised at the end result. These 12 stories are perfect for a quick read following the lives of the Sweet sisters.

The box set of the Sweet Southern Sleuths Cozy Mysteries is available through Kindle Unlimited and as a Kindle Edition on Amazon

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