New Release Book Review: Sunset Sail by Shannyn Leah

Sunset Sail (The Caliendo Resort, #3)Sunset Sail by Shannyn Leah
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Sunset Sail is the third book in the Caliendo Resort series. The Caliendo resort has been working on a merger with the Cohen Cruise line and there is a three week cruise to finalize things.

Many of the sisters are on board and so are the Cohen family. Grayson the son the his father the, “Silver Fox” Brock Cohen. The Caliendo’s are a great family with siblings that protect each other and challenge each other and mostly love one another. If you haven’t started the series, you can pick it up here and then get caught up later. But you should get to know them.

Emma Caliendo is known to be set in her ways, serious and very clear about who she wants to stay clear of. Especially when he is a womanizer, has been from way back and she knew it. She remembered him and his behavior from school. She also knew that he was a tease. He keeps teasing her about them making magic together but she is very leery of the reputation that Grayson has. He finds himself more than just wanting a one night stand with her and that confuses him. When Emma finds out more about the real Grayson Cohen, she finds herself more tempted than she ever imagined. That she had already felt a pull to his handsome face and those green eyes make her even more unsteady. You will love the heat, passion and the combustion of these two people.

I love the humor that Shannyn Leah meshes into her really sizzling stories. She makes the characters more alive and she makes me want to really get to know them and hang out with them. I liked Grayson. He was broken inside, he had reason to be broken inside. He had a reason to not trust and not offer or expect forever. Emma was a girl that did not want to be hurt. She had seen what happened when people loved casually and she did not want that for herself. I love that Shannyn lets you see inside these people and love them hurts, fears and all.

I have enjoyed all the books and wonderful stories in both series. They have been showing up since the beginning and teasing us to know more about them. I was glad to see Emma get her story told. What a great book it is. This is another winning book. Deserving the 5 stars that I am capped at giving, I could have happily gone much higher.

Sunset Sail by Shannyn leah releases on June 28, 2016 and is available in paperback and in Kindle Edition at Amazon

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9 thoughts on “New Release Book Review: Sunset Sail by Shannyn Leah

  1. Hi Vick – I’ve been thinking about book cover art as I am about to start editing a manuscript. I’ve seen such a variety of covers via your posts – and trying to figure out what a good book cover looks like. I’m curious how/if the cover influences your choice of books?

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    1. I do like a nice book cover. It is mainly the blurb that draws me in. I like a book cover that gives me a quick feel of what I might expect to find inside. But basically I use the blurb as my final say. To be honest, some of my favorite book covers are for the books by Bree Wolf. The silhouette is so captivating for me. Do you have an image in mind for your cover?

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      1. I have a couple of concepts but hasn’t come together with something I like yet. I’ll take a look at Bree Wolf. It would be an inspirational book, so I may get on amazon and cruise the category. I appreciate your feedback!

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      2. I have been looking at the covers of many inspirational books. I love the ones that show the majesty of nature. There are some beautiful covers such as Bigger than Impossible by Lydia Chorpening. Might be something to inspire you. There are some beautiful covers with pastels and sunshine. Are you using a program like Canva?

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      3. Yes, Canva is a free online cover designer. It is simple to use and you can try out various ideas. 🙂 Good luck with your book and cover! I can’t wait to see you have published!

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