New Release: Book Review: Hawaiian Masquerade by Rachelle J. Christensen

Hawaiian Masquerade (Destination Billionaire Romance)Hawaiian Masquerade by Rachelle J. Christensen
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Hawaiian Masquerade was one of those contemporary romances that have all the fun and the secrets that make things tense for the couple. The author lived in Kauai, Hawaii for a while and her knowledge of the best places to go shines through the book. It certainly made me want to take a trip there. In fact, I want to snorkel and see the fish she described. But back to the review about the story of Derek and Lexi.

Derek Mitchell is a photographer that is trying to make a career of his talent. He runs a gallery that shows his work and other artists from the island. Derek also works with his friend and roommate selling coconuts. The tourists love to watch these men prepare the coconut right in front of them.

Lexi Burke has recently moved to Hawaii and is trying to find herself after her high powered career that has burned her out and caused her to retire. She had been in charge and living the high paced lifestyle of a corporate mogul with her brother and was ready for a change. Leaving Chicago for the islands means that she can find the things that make her happy. Things like painting. She left a would be boyfriend that she just did not feel she loved. Lexi felt the timing was perfect on all fronts for a new beginning.

When the two meet, they find that they have a lot in common, except for Derek’s utter and complete dislike of people with money. He loved to verbalize this loathing.  Lexi was hesitant to mention that she had money, plenty of money. Now it sits like a billion dollar elephant in the room every time she thinks about it. Heck, she can’t even bring him home with her for fear he sees where and how she lives.

Fun story with beautiful scenery and warm loving characters. The secrecy adds to the tension of the book.

This is just a fun read that released on July 3, 2016. Rachelle J. Christensen writes, romances like this, mysteries and suspense. So far she has written 12 books.

Hawaiian Masquerade is available on Kindle and through KindleUnlimited at Amazon

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