Book Review: Ghost Hand by Ripley Patton

Ghost Hand (The PSS Chronicles, #1)Ghost Hand by Ripley Patton
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I found the book Ghost Hand on Amazon and it was free. I thought ok, it sounds cute on the blurb, so I picked it up and what a little gem it is.

The genre is Young Adult with Fantasy and Paranormal as a secondary genre. As I rarely read these kinds of book, I was curious about how it would be handled. I was immediately drawn in when the main character admits that she was born with a PSS hand.

The concept of PSS is a little strange,but I will try to explain. There is this birth anomaly that occurs and it is where a limb is filled with this energy source that causes the appendage to glow, transform and do all sorts of mysterious actions.

Olivia had such an anomaly and it was her hand, she called it her ghost hand. At school one day, the hand takes on a life of its own and kind of scares her. While it was groping around where it had no business it retrieved something and things changed forever for her in that moment.

Marcus, the brand new kid at school helps her as she runs away from her fear of what she had just done, when suddenly people she knew and trusted are after her. Not just chasing her, but wanting to harm her.

Marcus is just there when she needs him most and sometimes she things that is just a little too convenient. Trust issues are rampant in this book.

Marcus introduces her to his group of campers and the real adventure begins. Olivia and Marcus, Emma and her own mother are all entwined in this strange dangerous mess. All Olivia wants from Marcus is to find out if what she thinks she is feeling is real and maybe even returned. Marcus has this little issue with half truths.

This book is really well written and draws you in from the beginning. It is considered a YA book and the characters are school age and the paranormal aspect is perfect for the genre.

I am so glad I picked this book up. There is a second book that will take us even deeper into the mysterious power and the people that would destroy it for their own goals.

Ghost hand is available in paperback and is listed right now for free on Kindle through Amazon

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