Book Review: New Release: The Sheikh’s Twin Baby Surprise by Holly Rayner

The Sheikh's Twin Baby SurpriseThe Sheikh’s Twin Baby Surprise by Holly Rayner
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Dr. Carrie Green has been a doctor in many war torn countries and has seen a lot of tragedy. Now for the last six months she has been working with Sheikh Omar Fakim Al-Daqqa in Al-Thakri as his personal doctor.
She is now living a nice life with palace amenities and the comforts of being part of the royal staff, but she has become a bit bored. She is a trained trauma doctor and likes the fast pace of that life. That had been her dream, her goal all her life and she missed the action.

The only other problem she has is that she harbors secret feelings for the sheikh. Feelings she is positive that are not returned. After seeing him dating supermodels and heiresses for the last six months, she has finally seen enough and has decided to move on. Even though she is going to be leaving her heart in Al-Thakri. The time is now before she gets any more invested in him.

Carrie informs Omar and he offers her an alternative solution to her resignation. An offer of a lot of money, for life. to have his baby. Now Carrie has a huge decision to make. Does she stay and accept the position as surrogate mother to the sheikhs child or does she move on? Even when she makes the first decision she is struggling with her long term goals. Her future has been planned out so well, now she has more huge decisions to make. Carrie only has a few more months to figure out her entire future.

There is constant conflict between Omar and his brother Sajid, and because of that conflict, their mother has made a startling decree. Now the clock is ticking and the stakes have never been higher.

This book is a cute read. It has emotional encounters and one confused and torn heroine. She just doesn’t know what to do. She struggles throughout the book with making the final decision about her future. I felt for Carrie and I wanted her to find happiness. Even when it was looking like she was going to have to settle, she battled with herself on which road to take.

I could really have read more about this couple. I would have enjoyed more stories about these two. They were both so sweet and such good strong people. Plus, they are so excited about the baby.

I liked this book and think it is another lovely story by Holly Rayner. She writes these Sheikh stories so well. It truly makes me want to visit these desert lands and see the hidden beauty that she describes.

The Sheikh’s Twin Baby Surprise by Holly Rayner is available on Kindle through Amazon

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