Book Review: The Duke’s Undoing by G. G. Vandagriff

The Duke's UndoingThe Duke’s Undoing by G.G. Vandagriff

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

If you love a good Rouge story , like I do , with the amazing determination to never marry. To continue through life in a “bed em” never “wed em” manner then this book is for you. Until the moment that you realize he is such a great person. He has seen things. He has been affected by what he saw in the war and now just wants to be the man he was before he left for the continent. Can it happen, can he go back to his carefree ways? Let running into a beautiful sad veil covered woman not interfere with his life plan? No, not if you are a rogue.

What happens when the Duke is taken with the veiled woman and finds himself wanting to truly change his ways? He just has to fight it and fight anyone that wants to hurt her. Did I mention this woman has been engaged three times and has always begged off in the end? His chivalrous nature shines through in the story. He is one extraordinary Duke.

Peter, the Duke of Ruisdell is just that man and he has found Elise Edwards the thrice engaged woman that threatens his entire lifestyle. It is a wonderful, enjoyable book filled with death, love, happiness, revenge and deceit. It is in other words, amazingly thorough. He also might have been forewarned by a voice whispering to him at the park.

This book is suitable for any age. The story is told in a clear and enjoyable manner. I am glad I found this book and snagged it. When I find a book with characters this strong, I tend to rave. Consider me raving. I liked that there were no unspoken words. It says something more about the strength of the hero and heroine when they are able to speak of their emotions. I get frustrated with characters that refuse to give a hint as to their feelings.

I loved the hero and the heroine for other reasons too. I loved their willingness to listen to each other. They compliment each other so well. It is a well written and exciting book with women that are in unexpected vocations, unusual house pets and glorious clothing. It has all the details that make an historic romance a dream come true.

This is my second book by G.G. Vandagriff. I believe she is turning into one of my favorites. Her characters are typically fun, unique, and all together engaging. Another book I can highly recommend that you pick up. This one made me want to move in with them and steal him away from her.

I now am racing to get the other five books that are in the series called Six rogues and Their Ladies.

The book, The Duke’s Undoing (Six Rogues and Their Ladies Book 1) is available in paperback and in Kindle edition. Get your copy by clicking the links below.


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