Cover Reveal: The Path of the Child 8-05-16 release

Friday, August 5, 2016, marks the date of the reissue of The Path of the Child. With that release comes new content, new chapters, and a new cover. Today I am sharing the new cover. It has been tweaked by several people. I can’t thank them enough. T.Turner and I discussed my concept for the book and he took that idea and ran. Providing me with the image that I hope you love, as much as I do. I added the perfect fonts and my dream cover is complete.  Without further Adu here is the new cover.

The Path of the Child (2) (3) official

I hope you love it as much as I do.  I am a bundle of happy nervous energy. I hope you don’t mind me sharing each step with you.  ❤  Love being able to share this process.


29 thoughts on “Cover Reveal: The Path of the Child 8-05-16 release

    1. Didn’t I tell you yesterday, that it was writing itself while I am editing? lol, It wrote some beautiful words yesterday. I was pleased with it. Until it is time for a rewrite 🙂 Is it ok to think the words are beautiful?


    1. I am so excited! It is at the publsihers now, awaiting approval. Wil be ready by Friday! EEK I am so excited. Thank you for your sweet kind support and friendship! I am glad I read your book and found a friend. ❤

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      1. WELL I AM so excited for you!! Once you release? Let me know and I will Spotlight you on my Book Promo Blog and add the new book to my “Hot Book Picks” Page too! And yes, PALS for LIFE! Lol. XOXO


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