The Path of the Child is Live!

Today the Kindle book I have been diligently working on, The Path of the Child, is finally complete and available on Amazon. The paperback is also available through CreateSpace , Barnes & Noble, and on Amazon.

I am excited for this new phase of being an author. Having a book and cover, new and improved, with tons of new content, has made me so happy. The only thing that would make me happier, would be for  people to find and love the book and maybe take a few minutes to post a review. Reviews make or break a book.  I want honest reviews, it is honest reviews that help me become a better writer.

I would love for you to take a look at the book. The story is sweet and I hope you will love Melanie, Robert, and the entire crew.  This book was a labor of love the first time and a joy to rewrite and reissue this time around.   The story takes place in Birmingham, Alabama, and is about a young lady’s search for happiness, information, and family.  It is fiction, and basically a coming of age story. The readers have typically been adults with a few teens reading because their Grandmother wrote it.  I can say one of my grandchildren fell in love with Robert while reading the book.  I had a difficult time choosing a genre, as I see it as purely a work of  fiction.  I would love to hear what your thoughts are on this book.

Updating  information :

If you have previously purchased the Kindle edition, just go into your Amazon account, locate Kindle options and  Manage my Device and scroll through your purchased Kindle titles. At The Path of the Child, there will be an update button. Click that and you will have the new updated version.  All the new content and the beautiful new cover art.

I hope you will take an opportunity to read this book and let me know what you think. I am over the moon excited and hope your day is as exciting, fun and joyous as mine.

The Path of the Child (2) (3) official

Seventeen-year-old Melanie Easton lives in a loveless home with her negligent, self-absorbed, and potentially dangerous mother. Consequently, she knows loneliness. Living in self-imposed anonymity, Melanie struggles to survive without becoming bitter and hate filled. Unexpectedly offered a ride with a classmate, Robert Reynolds, Melanie finds there is more to people than she ever imagined.

After being befriended by Robert Reynolds, windows of opportunity open for Melanie. Accordingly, the road to discovery divulges there may be reasons for her strange home life. The reasons she never imagined until she begins unraveling the documents hidden away.

Out of the discovery of the secrets, lies, and deceptions, come the possibility for exciting changes. Perhaps along with the answers, comes the opportunity for genuine happiness.

A suspenseful story that will engage your heart and mind with hopefulness and admiration for Melanie’s courage and willingness for self-discovery and personal growth.

If you are a reviewer and are interested in reviewing the new edition, send me an email at and I will provide a book for an honest review. You don’t have to like it, love it, or feel indifferent, I would just love to see your review on Amazon and perhaps Goodreads.


With love and gratitude, Vicki and Sojourner both thank you!


12 thoughts on “The Path of the Child is Live!

  1. I re-read this yesterday and am so happy to visit these characters and this place again. I loved the first edition, but the rewrite is fuller, the characters richer and the scenery more vivid. I’m from Birmingham and her descriptive settings make me nostalgic. I’m ordering a “hardcopy” now because this is one I want to keep on my bookshelf, not just in my Kindle library. Proud of this writer’s growth and proud to be her friend.

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