Spam Folder Blues

If I were a songwriter, I would be grabbing my guitar and propping it in my lap in order to compose a little bluesy ditty I would call the Spam Folder Blues. It would begin with the simple verse:

I am a commenting fool when it comes to you. 

I comment when you make me smile.

I comment when it is worth my while.

All the words I write are true,

Yet  categorically considered Spam, by the Word Press Crew

I must write like a spammer, my words must be too few. 

I have the Spam Folder Blues! Oh yes, I’ver got the spam folder blues.


Take a moment to check your Spam folder and see what clever (in my mind) messages I left on your page.

Lyrics must be attributed to me. No one else would claim them!  I never said I was a songwriter.





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