Book Review: The Time Traveling Outlaw by Ma​cy Babineaux

The Time-Traveling OutlawThe Time-Traveling Outlaw by Macy Babineaux

  • Publication Date: July 29, 2016
  • Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC
  • Language: English
  • ASIN: B01J1UKI7Y


My Rating:

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

The Book Blurb:



The year is 2026. Logan Carver is serving the sixth year of a life sentence without parole. But the corporate prison where he is held has an experimental science wing, and Logan has been volunteered against his will to test a machine that can transport living things through time.

The year is 1861. Sally Macintosh is a beautiful, headstrong young widow living alone on a ranch near Lockdale, Texas. She had a husband, not long ago. But he was murdered by a ruthless cattle baron intent on taking their land. She’s about to lose all hope when she meets a stranger on the road into town, a mysterious, handsome wanderer willing to help her stand up to the man who killed her husband.

Logan failed the woman he loved in his own time, and he makes a promise to himself to not let that happen again. But his captors in the future have him on a short leash, able to yank him back to 2026 at will. If he’s going to help Sally, he’ll need to break the hold they have on him. Only then can he help the beautiful woman he has encountered in the past and possibly redeem the future.

My Review:


This, time travel book is just a great piece of writing. Right from the start you begin to feel connected to Logan. His past troubling and his future uncertain, you find him stumbling around in the heat naked.

Sally is a widow that is struggling to keep her land from being taken away by the greedy Sturgess. He has the manpower and the money to make people fear him. She is a strong woman that is willing to face the danger alone. She is relieved when Logan drops into her life and is the kind of man that he is.

When Logan comes into the picture he brings out the hope and deeper feelings in Sally.

Macy writes of the struggles of a woman alone in the old west as she struggles not to be manipulated by the town bully and his crew. Her writing brought everything brilliantly to life.
Weaving the past and the future into a remarkable tale that allows you to become invested in Logan’s life. There is a wonderful sense of hope and love in this story.

There are some steamy bedrooms scenes that even thougth I personally didn’t find them overdone, might be more than expected.

Overall, I enjoyed this book so much. Really well written and such an original concept. Macy Babineaux takes Sci-Fi and makes it emotional and interesting for the rest of us.




If you enjoy a sweet tender story of romance, hardships and the chance of finding love again after the pain of losing before, then you will enjojy this book. The characters are good together and are just as surprised with their own feelings as the story unfolds. the time travel aspect is important to the concept, but is not too technical and scientific to understand, while just scientific to make you believe. There are scenes that might be considered rated R. I really enjoyed the book.

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