UPS made my day!

The doorbell rings, Beau races to get behind me, as he verbally  warns of the “Doorbell ringing murder” that he suspects is at the door. Instead, it is the UPS man.  Looking lovely in his brown shorts and carrying a large brown box. I bring it inside as he returns to his large brown van.

Oh, the large brown box  is totally addressed to me!  YAY!

Beau and I open the box and what do we find?  Let me show you!


Why, it’s copies of my book for the Goodreads giveaway and for providing to local distributors. Plus one for my coffee table.

Let me show you up close and personal, the front and back covers.


Today is a lovely day to be getting mail!

Beau is relaxing, now that he once again able to hide well enough for the doorbell ringing murderer to pass this house, without having to go through me, to get to the poor shivering guard dog!

2016-06-18 09.33.54
Survivor for another day!




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