Interview with David Snape Online Radio for The Path of the Child

This is all a new concept for me. To be allowed to speak about a book that I worked on so hard and labored to bring it to a satisfactory conclusion, amazing to say the least.  David Snape is a Blogger and hosts a radio show on Mixcloud. I was fortunate enough to be interviewed by him. He asks very complex and in-depth questions.  I hope I do not sound too nervous in the interview. I am basically a shy and socially awkward. This was my attempt to be a better author by promoting my book. David has music and interviews along with interesting blog posts and little-known news. His show runs about two hours. Some great music is included as well as an interview with a young man with Autism that blogs and writes weekly stories.

My interview starts at about 1:25 into the show if you have an interesting in just how southern I might sound. As I said, he asked some deep questions and you can hear me thinking of my answers. Hopefully, you can gain an insight on the book. You guys were mentioned and if you wonder how I feel about you, take a listen.  If you like music, interesting topics, and interviews, then listen to the entire show! One song after the interview, he gives a review of the book, at about 1:48.  Hope you take a listen, it was more fun than I  imagined. Can’t shake that accent, it is here for life.  Perhaps now, it is not too far-fetched to  consider doing a book signing. Links to the book are shown below.


The Path of the Child (2) (3) official
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14 thoughts on “Interview with David Snape Online Radio for The Path of the Child

  1. Wow Vicki! So great to hear you, I love your southern accent 🙂 ❤ ! It was great to hear where the name Sojourner McConnell comes from, which country is it that you've been to outside of America? You didn't sound at all nervous, perhaps one or two moments with a longer than normal silence, lol but nothing to not be proud of 🙂 You did really well and you sounded very confident. I didn't listen to the whole show (my metered internet wouldn't let me) just fast-forwarded to your bit :).

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