Goodreads Review on The Path of the Child

Alp rated 4 out of 5 Stars

Shelves: fiction

“I refuse to be a person that cannot move forward in life due to the chains of their childhood.”

Reading this book made me feel so good inside, and I really mean it. It was a heart-touching story which grabbed me from the first few pages and I had a hard time putting it down.

This was the story of Melanie, a seventeen years old girl who grew up feeling unloved, unwanted, and uncared by her own mother. There had been no hugs, no affection, and almost no conversation between them. Although they lived in the same apartment, her mother left her alone to take care of herself most of the time. So she’d become a shy and quiet girl who kept to herself and had no friends at all.

One morning while Melanie was walking to school, a car pulled up alongside her and Robert, a boy in her class called her and asked if she wanted a ride. The moment she got into his car, she never knew her life would change forever.

Thankfully, Robert came into her life. He helped her come out of her shell, and helped her uncover her roots and trace her family she never knew exist. He was with her every step of the way through good times and bad times, or even the most major moments in her life, until she finally found a place she could really call home. Oh Robert, you have a heart of gold!

At first, I was so angry with Katherine, Melanie’s mother. I tried to find a reason why she hated Melanie so much and kept wondering why she treated her own child badly. But later when the truth was gradually revealed as the novel progresses, it was a little bit shocking to find out that (view spoiler). And then I felt sorry for both of them.

I admired Melanie for her strength and her bravery. Given all that she had been through, it was a miracle she never went down the wrong path. On the contrary, she pushed aside the negative feelings and determined to learn to stand on her own two feet.

This was such an inspiring read. It gave me more than I ever expected. It doesn’t matter how you grew up. You can’t change anything about the way you were raised, but you can always choose to be a better person. Don’t allow your past to dictate who you are and your future.

By the way, I enjoyed the warm feelings I got when reading this beautiful story. There were some intense and emotional moments that broke my heart again and again, yet there were moments of joy that I felt truly happy for Melanie and her family. Moreover, a little romance in this book literally brought a big smile to my face.

**Many thanks to the author for giving me the copy of this book.

Thank you, Alp for taking the time to read and post this review on Goodreads.  I was blown away by her words. As a first time author, reviews touch my heart in a way I never could have imagined.  I admit I was nervous while she read the book. I respect her opinion and reviews on Goodreads. I was excited that she was willing to read it.
I always have a spare copy of the book for any reviewers that are wanting to take a gander, read about Melanie, and post a review.
Thanks for letting me share these moments with you, my friends.

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